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Amazon is one of the most significant products selling platforms globally; studies show that 55% of people first visit amazon to search for products. That should be good news for sellers on Amazon, but it is not because every seller won’t get good sales on amazon even if people search for their products. Do you know the reason? Are you a seller on amazon who is struggling to reach search results? Are you a retailer on amazon thinking about boosting your sales? Do you know how to improve sales rank on Amazon? Don’t worry; Panda-Boom has all the information you need to increase your sales.

Where to begin?

Amazon provides amazon advertisements for its sellers to advertise their products; this is the first step to build product awareness in buyers. Amazon advertisements aim at optimizing your traffic, helping you generate more sales and give you guiding insights. Optimization helps you to set good keywords for your product and eventually more sales.

Always remember that the primary thing to do is to bring more traffic to your product and the best way to do that is by understanding amazon’s algorithm. Visit Panda Boom to know more about the Amazon algorithm and how to crack it.

Win the Buy Box:

Buy box is the product description page where your products appear when someone searches for them. If you are a retailer, it would be tough for you to win this competition as several other retailers sell the same product. So, it would be best if you gave some unique offers that your competitors don’t offer to stand out and win the buy box. Here is how you can win the buy box:
Price: The price is the essential factor to get picked by the buyer. If your product costs way cheaper than your competitors, buyers might feel that your product is not of good quality. And if your price is higher than the rest, the chances are that you won’t sell your product. So, keep the price competitive; not too high and not too cheap.

A good selling history: If you want good sales, you should remain committed to your customers. Respond to their comments and build a good customer relationship with your buyers. That will create a positive impact.

Be clear and precise in information: Give your customers all the information about your product. If you do not provide enough information and your competitor does that, potential buyers automatically buy your competitor’s product.

Amazon-prime: Studies show that buyers are inclined to amazon-prime products more than non-prime products because of its offers. So, offer amazon-prime for your products and see sales increasing.

Minor Changes For Big Sales.

The small changes you make to your product description or placement can bring significant changes to your sales. Remember that every action counts, so focus on all the details and work on getting more sales. Because more sales mean better sales rank, and better sales rank means more product visibility and more sales.