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Amazon is widely known as one of the largest and most powerful online retailers in the e-commerce industry. Amazon allows you to explore millions of high-quality merchandise, a wide variety of retailers, and it also gives sellers a fantastic opportunity to earn money.

As an Amazon seller, you need to keep up with the ever-changing functionality and features of the Amazon marketplace. In this post, we will dive into the mysterious ranking process and learn how to improve Sales Rank on Amazon by following a few simple practices.

1. Keyword Research

It is crucial to get into the habit of keyword research before listing your products on Amazon. Proper keyword research will put you ahead of your competitors who do not take out time to figure out which keywords they want their products to rank for in Amazon search results.

Furthermore, with more than ten million products available on Amazon, standing out from the crowd without Amazon listing optimization and making any efforts can turn out to be challenging.

2. Sales Copy

No matter if you are selling your products on a third-party website like Amazon or your own website, you must always take enough time to write a decent copy for your products.

Apart from that, the product name, title, or product description are more likely read by your prospective customers. Therefore, it is suggested that you put in your creative minds to write a compelling copy for your product descriptions.

You can make your product descriptions interesting and creative by focusing on the product benefits and factual information.

3. Amazon Ads

Advertising on Amazon is similar to advertising through Google Ads. You can pay to get your products sponsored with Amazon Ads so that they appear more prominently and frequently on

When you pay to advertise your products through Amazon Ads, you will get a competitive advantage over your competitors, resulting in more sales and a higher Sales Rank.

Additionally, having a higher Sales Rank will lead to more social evidence, further creating a flywheel effect that will help you increase sales for your e-Commerce business.

4. Professional Product Images

We all know that an image can be worth a thousand words. With so many products available on the Amazon marketplace, the product image is something that sticks out the most in Amazon search results.

As a result, having a professional and attractive product image is vital when it comes to encouraging Amazon users to read and click through the product description and see the great feedback you have received from your previous buyers.

It is recommended to either use a reliable photo editing service or take the photographs yourself to give the images a professional appearance.

Keep in mind not to use the same pictures as the manufacturer as it is possible that other sellers may use the same product images, which can further impact your Sales Rank on Amazon.


If you want to remain competitive as an Amazon seller, learning about how to improve Sales Rank on Amazon is a worthwhile investment.

With time, when you start receiving more sales, you will notice changes in Amazon Sales Rank, which will help you better understand how to boost your ranking. If you want to gain more information about improving your Sales Rank on Amazon, visit and check out their expansive list of services.