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Launching a new product is a major event for every Amazon seller. Every seller wants to know how to launch a new product on Amazon in the most prolific way. They key lies in getting retail ready and set your best foot forward.

Here are the vital steps tips on how to launch a new product on Amazon:

Thorough Product Research

Product research is the most crucial step to ensure a successful launch on Amazon. Investing time in research helps in correct cost-benefit analysis of the product.

The research also involves evaluating the best case and worst-case profit margins. Makes sure you don’t ignore the cost incurred in promotions, offers, and unforeseen losses.

If you plan to launch a completely new product, make sure it’s not seasonal or just a “fad” product whose trend is ephemeral. Pick a product that stays in demand for a long time. This way, you’ll be able to gather more footfall on your listing.

Plan for Success

You need to decide whether you want to handle shipping on your own or through FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) way before you even launch your product on Amazon. The choice you make depends on how much are you willing to spend for order fulfillment.

Read all the terms and conditions pertaining to selling on Amazon, and only then apply for the ASIN.

At the same time, you also need to analyze if your product is user-friendly or not. If it isn’t, you should include an instruction manual so users can make the most of their purchase.

Above all, the success of your product depends on its quality. Ensure you maintain the quality of the product. It will help you build a good brand.

It’s All in the Details

There’s a fine line between a product details being keyword rich and keyword stuffed. Makes sure you never cross that line.

Don’t hurry in creating an Amazon SEO optimized product detail. From the text to the images, everything should be top quality and web optimized. Speaking of text, use simple and easy language. There’s no point in being eloquent if you don’t get your message across.

Use bullet points in the description. It helps in truncating long, boring paragraphs into smaller, easy to read sentences. It will help in improving the buying experience of the customers.

Bonus Tip

Always keep Amazon’s search algorithm and guidelines in mind. Creating your product listing according to amazon’s A10 algorithm will help you rank high on the Amazon search results.

On the other hand, staying compliant with Amazon’s review request guidelines will help you get reviews the right way. You don’t to be invisible to your customers or get banned by Amazon by using wrong review request methods.

Things can go south on Amazon for sellers just like that. A slight mistake can lead to unwanted consequences.


A wise man once said, “well begun is half done,” and we completely agree with him. The fact of the matter is that Amazon can be a pretty tricky place for new sellers, especially those who are don’t know how to launch a new product on Amazon. The right approach will be to take help form the experts at Panda Boom. Contact us today to get the right assistance and guidance.