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Despite all the marketing methods that the internet has bestowed us with, word of mouth remains the most powerful marketing tool. So much so that we always look for testimonials and reviews before making a purchase decision. From movies to online shopping, reviews are the first thing that one looks for.

The same goes for Amazon. Almost every shopper looks for reviews before buying anything on Amazon. So, it becomes imperative for you to get amazon reviews to help users choose you over your competitors.

How to Get Initial Reviews on Amazon?

Since reviews play a crucial in a customer’s buying journey, it’s important to build a solid list of reviews on Amazon. That said, seasonbed sellers already have a profound list of reviews, while new sellers haven’t even started yet. So, as a new Amazn seller, you must put your A-game to bring in the valuable reviews.

There are primarily three approaches to get Amazon reviews:

  • The legal, safe way that Amazon wants all sellers to take.
  • The middle ground, where you use both the legal and backdoor (illegal) ways that may or may not catch Amazon’s attention.
  • The fully illegal approach that will almost definitly get you banned from Amazon.

Even if you are willing to risk it all and go for the second or third approach, we don;r recommend taking it. And thus, this blog is nor for you.

If, however, you are ready to diligently work the right way and accumulate many verified reviews, keep reading.

As an new seller, you need to build rapport with your customers. Getting initial reviews is not hard, it’s all about making consistent efforts.

So, let’s see what this quick guide on how to get initial reviews on Amazon has to offer:

Product Inserts

Product inserts are among the smartest and most personalized way to get Amazon reviews. You simply need to ensure that you don’t go over the top and insist on a positive review. That will be counterproductive in two ways:

  • The customer might not like it and ignore your request.
  • The customer might complain about the same with Amazon.

Given the fact how Amazon has made asking for “positive reviews” an illicit activity, if the customer complaints, your account may get suspended or even banned right away.

Email Follow Up

Following up with customers on the email is another non-expensive and personalize way to ask for reviews. As a new seller, you might have heard of Amazon’s own email system that requests customers for a review after the purchase.

One look at the Amazon’s default review request email and you’d want to ignore it yourself! Get creative and create enticing & engaging emails that help you get Amazon reviews easily and effectively.

Request Review

There’s this magic button on Amazon’s seller central that says “Request Review.” Make sure you use this button. It is the most direct form of asking for a review from your customers. Amazon has created this button for you, don’t skip it.


The key lies in understanding that not every customers would want to leave a review, no matter how important it is for you. But that doesn’t mean you should not even try. On the contrary, if you make efforts in the right direction, even the uninterested customers may want to write a review for you. It’s what you say, how you say, and where you say it that matters.