Any Questions?

Well, well, well, this question opens up a thread of a plethora of discussions. Getting a higher Amazon ranking and selling your products on Amazon are the two of the most challenging problems to tackle. But here, in this article, we have tried to capture the spirit of these questions and tried to summarize the concept in 500 words. Enjoy!!!

Here are three easy steps through which you can launch your product on Amazon:

Start the buzz

Products just don’t sell themselves. Although there are some exceptions to this rule, make sure you remember this rule to be on the safe side. You have to market your products before they are even launched in the market. For this part to go well, you will have to take the support of social media platforms and publish some blogs and articles defining the real-life usage of your product.

List it

Now that the world knows about your product, it’s time to list your product on Amazon. This is the most crucial step and should be followed likewise. You have to use at least 3-4 high-quality images (at least 1000 pixels) with a very catchy title and a description with bullet points mentioning its features. You should take care of the following features to make your product listing kick-ass:
At least 3-4 high-quality images (1000 pixels each)
Use a catchy title
Take care of the keywords
Use a product video

Pro Tip on how to increase Amazon ranking: To improve your Amazon ranking, you have to understand the A9 algorithm of Amazon. To know more about this algorithm or to get help in launching your product, you can refer to Panda Boom.


Now that you are in this ruthless business, you will have to keep track of your rival products and their pricing. You will have to keep adjusting your product pricing to find that sweet price where your sales are maximum. Keep in mind that the price difference between your product which is just launching, and your rival product can’t be more than 20% of your rival product in any case.

Pro-Tip for after launch: Advertise

Now that you have launched your product, you will have to gather an external crowd on your product listing. This can be done through Amazon PPC (Pay per click), Google Ads, or Facebook ads, among many other sources. For more detailed suggestions and customized plans, you can refer to Panda Boom.

Concluding Note:

Work harder before the pre-launch of your product so that when you launch it, you don’t have to see disappointment. We know that it’s slightly tricky to get the hang of Amazon and its algorithm at first, but once you become comfortable with it, there’s no looking back. And don’t hesitate to have professional help to back your product.
Stay Safe and Keep Smiling!!!