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Choosing a winner Product

Imagine you bet all your money on the wrong horse.

A lot of sellers find it difficult to select a product. They experience at best a delay in generating an income, and at worst end up choosing a product that really hurts their soul, and even more so, their pockets.

The Amazon platform is a very systematic one, and there so no room for bets and jeopardizing your hard earned money, missing out on your opportunity.

Choosing a product is the first, most important step in building your business.

We work according to the strictest criteria. No more watermelon slicer or iPhone cases!

The chosen product will be selected according to strict criteria we have been using successfully for years and will allow you to make the first steps in your business at minimal risk and with maximal chances of success, compared to other sellers.

Choosing a product requires experience, thinking outside the box and a lot of common sense.

We will guide you and teach you how to smell an opportunity and how to avoid pitfalls or trends that could cost you a lot and even jeopardize your business.

The selection of a product requires taking into account many factors, such as the category, the necessary paperwork, the number and quality of competitors, the BSR rating, the number of required reviews, profitability, lead times, availability of suppliers, the potential for differentiation and much more. This is the most important and complex step in building your business!

We will make sure you choose a winning horse, through one on one mentoring, and the usage of custom- made tools used by the best sellers.

Even if you recover somehow from a mistake you did in this step, this will slow your development considerably.

We here at Panda will walk you through this process and will analyze your selection together with you, so as to make sure you made a good decision.

The service will be tailored as per the customer’s needs.

Every successful business has its own assets and the secret of success, but we can assure you that we maintain close relations, often even friendly relations, on a daily basis, with hundreds of bloggers, covering practically any field. And we are here to leverage this huge advantage in your favor.

Relations built over many years become available to you, the minute you decide to put your trust in us.

These bloggers will make sure your product is placed in the front, alongside the leading competitors in each category, using, among others, their personal social media channels.

In this respect, it should be noted that the professional bloggers we work with do this thing for a living, which means that they are scrutinized and fully committed to top-notch performance.

What does any of this have to do with your product? In two words: outside traffic.

Why outside traffic? Because Amazon loves that!!

Driving outside traffic from social networks to your page will boost your product throughout all of your search terms, which means one simple thing: greater exposure – which generates more sales!

The more sources of traffic you have, and the more diverse these sources are- the more attractive is your product in Amazon’s eyes. As a consequence, Amazon perceives your product as more relevant and promotes it in its a9 search algorithm.

The only thing we care about in this business- is generating profits. That’s why we’re really here for, right?

This is why we put so much into it.

The key lies in your ability to grasp how your potential customers see your product. The best way to do this – is simply to become the customer.

Let’s take a moment to consider the following question: what does the customer do once he enters your sales page?

That’s right. Pictures. Bullets. EBC. And so on. But what really determines if a purchase will take place? Right once again! The reviews.

The first step your potential customer is going to make is to try and get a general impression of the number and quality of the reviews. Next, s/he will obviously turn to the “top reviews” section, where you would love to see your best reviews.

It’s extremely important to understand that the top reviews are crucial. I’m sure you already know why, right? Exactly, herd behavior.

If for instance, the customer notices a negative review in your top reviews, the meaning is that you didn’t do your homework, thereby losing a lot of sales.

The top reviews have to include only exceptional reviews, while all the negative ones, which are unfortunately part of the business, have to be kept as far away as possible from the customer. Out of sight, out of mind!

Top reviews can be readily manipulated, making it easy for your competitors to float up the negative reviews, in order to achieve what both you and they know will happen as a result- less sales for you, and a lot more sales for them. Yes, they’re completely aware of it.

I’m sure most of you have experienced at least one attack of ‘helpful’ votes on your negative reviews, causing them to stay up, with the inevitable result of reduced sales due to a lower conversion rate.

Sometimes sellers make mistakes out of weakness and lack of knowledge, and turn to all kinds of dubious services, thereby exposing themselves to blackmail and account closure.

Make sure your top reviews are the most beautiful in the whole category because this is the first thing the customer sees when he looks at the review section. This has a critical influence on your conversion rates and on the chances of turning a visitor in the page into a buyer.

That’s why when it comes to this issue, we warmly recommend you turn to us for professional advice as to how to deal with the issue in the most professional way.


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