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Managing crises in front of Amazon – the legal aspect.

Reopening a listing that was suspended by Amazon and reactivating a blocked seller account.

The world of sellers is divided into two:


  • Those whose accounts have been suspended
  • And those whose account will be suspended

Guys, when it comes to this issue, there’s no point in reinventing the wheel – it’s just part of the business. I learned that the hard way and I can only describe the feeling as an electrical shock straight to the heart. It goes something like this: you get up in the morning, notice your product is gone and your business is closed and then you find yourself having to turn to another seller support representative calling you ‘dear’ and has no idea what’s going on.

This goes on and on, as the days go by, while you have no sales, your ranking drops and you can’t even think about reigniting the business from scratch.

I gotta tell you, each day that goes by with zero sales is another day that you do not earn any money, and what’s worse, is that there’s no vacuum in Amazon. Your competitors (that understand exactly what’s going on) experience a boost in their sales, as they actually sell your piece of the pie and start climbing up the search term ranking, at the expense of your product. That’s just part of the business, and there’s no reason to get overly excited about it. Some of the reasons that can get your account suspended are:

Violation of Amazon’s TOS & guidelines

  • Trademark infringement
  • Patent infringement
  • Copyright infringement
  • Manipulations
  • Safety issues
  • And so on…

As a seller, you should be aware of the fact that crises are bound to happen. And when they do- you have to manage them as quickly as possible and in the best possible way.

If you listing/account gets shut down – this can be a death blow to you Amazon business.

We here at Panda work side by side with a leading law firm that specializes in e-commerce and specifically in Amazon. As part of this service, we will be able to solve your problem efficiently and quickly, just like we did in dozens of past cases, involving all kinds of issues.

When it comes to the legal aspect- there’s no room for amateurs and no time for playing around, which is why we are offering you the most reliable and professional service.


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