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Product reviews are an essential aspect of selling on Amazon. New FBA sellers have a lot of keep in mind to grow their business through Amazon. They are aware that to stay ahead of the competition, you must work smart with Amazon and efficiently use all their tools. But getting reviews can take some time, and that could hamper the sales.
So, how to get initial reviews on Amazon? How do you get them fast and legally so that your product climbs up the search ladder?
Worry not, because we are here today to share tips on how you can get reviews on Amazon in 2020. It will not only help your product get positive recognition but also help on how to improve Amazon sales.
The tips and methods discussed below are meant to be used outside Amazon. Third-party sellers can use these tactics to attract positive reviews on their products.

Utilize third-party automated email responder

While Amazon will provide you their internal automated responder, you can use a third-party responder. Using these third-party responders, you can send messages via Amazon’s seller messaging system. But you must keep in mind that Amazon is restricting the type and number of messages you can send using its Seller Messaging system. This method might not exist after 2020.

Making a list of emails

You need to find ways to get in touch with your customers. One thing to remember is that if people buy your product through Amazon, they are Amazon’s customers, not yours. To solve this problem, you need to build your brand outside Amazon. A highly effective way to do this is to build an email list. And there are several ways to make this list. One way is to create the file using your social media to reach out to your audience. You can also write a blog with a little message asking the readers to subscribe. Or, you can attach product inserts in your existing products that urge people to join your list.

Product inserts

Continuing from the last point, product inserts are an effective way to encourage people to review your product on Amazon. Several sellers put a card along with their product asking buyers to write a review. But Amazon has observed that many sellers use forbidden ways and broken their guidelines. Hence, you must follow the best practices for product inserts.

Handling negative reviews

You can effectively manage negative reviews by maintaining a high-quality product status. Also, you can show prompt customer service and address any issue with your product. By doing so, you assure the customer that the brand values them and will solve it at the earliest.

New product launch on the promotional market

Several sellers use Amazon promotional markets to launch new products. These sites offer many promotional discounts, making some shoppers feel obligated to write a positive review for the Amazon seller. One thing to remember is that these sites do not ask for a buyer review and give a product in return. So, do not expect a useful review from a highly discounted product.

Getting reviews on Amazon in 2020

You can follow the Amazon review program and use these steps side-by-side to increase your chances of getting reviews. But make sure whatever you do, it falls within Amazon’s guidelines. Amazon takes its review program very seriously so it can chuck you out if you break any rules.