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Have you ever wondered why your product is not being sold quickly as your competitors’ even after spending much money on campaigns? Then you are at the right place. Amazon advertisements alone won’t bring customers to your product. There are more important and successful ways to do that. That is called Amazon Listing Optimization. Panda-Boom is here to help you with that.

Amazon listing optimization service

To get your product optimized, you should work on two key factors. The first one is keywords. It will help if you incorporate keywords that are relevant to the category in which your product belongs. Otherwise, the amazon algorithm won’t show your product when a potential customer searches for it. So make sure you have added the most searched keywords.

Another essential factor to look for is the target audience. You won’t benefit from the well-researched keywords if it is not reaching the target. It is where campaigns and advertisements come to play. Choose the right amazon ad and try to get both the internal and external buyers.

How does Amazon listing optimization work?

Every seller wants his product to appear on the top of search results. To win that fight, you have to know how amazon listing optimization works. 

Amazon uses the A9 algorithm to match your product with the direct and indirect search of your buyers. At the end of the day, what this algorithm is trying to do is to ensure sales. The thing you can do to help an algorithm in doing its duty is to be keen on certain things. They are:

  • Text match relevance: this includes all the written materials about your product. The title, product description, keywords, and the other authored matter that you give to your product should match the words or descriptions your buyer types in. So do proper research and include all the searched words in your text. But make sure that you are not stuffing keywords.
  • Product availability: Ensure that your buyer won’t be greeted with a ‘product not available’ message when they come to your page. 
  • Pricing: if your price doesn’t match your buyers’ budget and finds a similar product at a lower price, they will go for that.
  • Stand out from competitors: understand the strategies of your competitors and work to outstand that.

Get Higher Ranks

Now that you know how the Amazon algorithm works, do your research, use the amazon listing optimization service, and grab a place on the first page of search results. As you are still reading this, here are some other things you could work on to get higher rankings:

  • Product reviews by customers
  • Product images
  • Advertisements and promotions

So work on all of these and get your sales rolling. For more amazon listing optimization services, visit the Panda-Boom website.