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  • Linda went out on maternity leave in the summer of 2015, and during her vacation, spontaneously became interested in e-commerce, and made up her mind to start selling using the Amazon FBA model.
  • Linda was working two jobs in order to be able to provide for her family, since her husband, Casey, is handicapped.
  • Against all odds, with inspiring determination, Linda started generating a relatively small income that gave her considerable breathing room.
  • Linda has been selling on Amazon since 2015, making it the main business that provides for her and her family for the past couple of years.
  • During this period, sales have been flowing in a constant and satisfactory manner. About 20-25 products a day were being sold at high profitability with an average profit of about 12 USD per unit. On March 2017 Linda ran out of stock for 3 weeks due to the Chinese New Year, which caused her factory to stop working for a long period.
  • Once the goods arrived at Amazon, her business simply couldn’t kickstart, which caused a drastic drop in her keyword ranking. In addition, two new aggressive competitors entered her niche, which resulted in a steep drop in her sales.
  • Linda watched her hard worked business, which she built with her two hands, plummet quickly, and caused her much -needed cash flow, which previously seemed like a rock solid fact, to seem like a distant dream
  • Linda started acting out of fear and frustration, and did several failing moves, including lowering prices, launching an aggressive advertising campaign with high bids and re-editing her listing.
  • From an average profit of about 8,000 USD a month, she dropped to only 3,900 USD, a drop of over 50% in just a couple of months.
  • On May 2017, Linda contacted us after being referred by a friend, so that we can assist her in solving the tough situation she found herself in:


  • Achieving an immediate increase in sessions by aggressively promoting search terms.
  • Analyze the product and compare it to its competitors, with special emphasis on new competitors.
  • Upgrading her conversion rate, by taking care of negative reviews and generating an influx of high-quality positive reviews.
  • Upgrading the new listing.

The Solution

According to our advice, Linda chose Panda’s Review Zone, Promotion and PPC services.

We focused our efforts on generating a relative advantage over her competitors:

  • First, we created a buzz in the social media so as to produce outside traffic to her sales page.
  • At the same time, we generated a large number of sales using platforms of leading bloggers acting in her specific niche, in order to improve her ranking across a wide range of keywords.
  • Within two weeks, a massive flow of amazing reviews started coming in, and that’s when we significantly increased her PPC budget.
  • This resulted in a quick increase in organic sales.
  • In addition, as suggested by us, Linda made a major change in her title and description
  • causing her sales page to look a lot shinier and convincing than her competitors.


It doesn’t really matter how long you have been selling on Amazon and how “strong” your brand is. Amazon’s algorithm loves to see sales. And a whole lot of them, in a consistent manner. Following a long period of inconsistent sales, you have to generate an aggressive boost of sales in order to “remind” the algorithm how well you sell, so that it promotes you in the search terms. For an even stronger effect- you should also accumulate a massive number of high-quality reviews.


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