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Imagine walking into a car dealership, cash in hand, ready to buy that hot new ride you’ve had your eye on for months. Just then, a confused, poorly-dressed salesman approaches you.

He clearly hasn’t shaven in weeks and doesn’t care about his personal appearance (or odor). Now – would you trust him? Do you think he’d be able convince you to buy that BMW? We’re sure you’ll agree that the chances of you fulfilling the purchase have plummeted. It’s safe to say you’d be much more likely to convert if approached by a professional salesmen who looked (and smelled) like a million bucks.

Our point is this – your listing has the potential to be like either of these salesmen we’ve just described. One could increase your chances of a sale, the other could destroy them.

Only the highest quality listings succeed, controlling the success of your product and your future as a seller.

The Amazon marketplace is incredibly competitive today, with higher standards and less room for error. Success is no walk in the park. It’s more like a race through the jungle – the Amazon jungle – and only the toughest pandas prosper.

With the right copywriting team, your listing and sales page will stand out from the pack, backed by a winning formula engineered for conversions. Ultimately, if you want to beat the competition, don’t leave it to the amateurs.


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