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Gross income of 23,000 USD a month from one product, not too bad, ha? Net income of over 7,000 USD!

Why shouldn’t your product do the same? We promise you it’s doable.

  • Jim and Katy, a retired couple, found Amazon after years of gaining experience in retail. On December 2016 they decided to open an Amazon store, using the FBA model. After taking an online Amazon course they set off.
  • They decided to invest 7,000 USD in establishing the store..
  • They invested most of their money in manufacturing the product, differentiating it and writing a listing, thinking that by building a good infrastructure they would be able to generate sales.
  • Moment of crisis- March 2017.
  • After 3 months of inconsistent sales at a very low rate, approximately 15-20 sales a week, and having spent a lot of money on PPC and services that turned out to be a complete failure, Jim decided to turn to us, so we can pinpoint the problem and suggest a solution.
  • The first thing Jim asked us was: “Can you guarantee you will deliver everything you offer?”
  • Well, we answered that the burden of proof is on us and that we have a money back guarantee, so that in case he feels unsatisfied with the results, he will get all of his money back.
  • Then we started working.
  • One of our experts thoroughly assessed the sales page and came back with clear- cut insights: the product that was chosen was OK, but far from ideal. The reason was that it had very strong competition which required a far larger budget.
  • The copywriting was satisfactory, the photos were of high quality, but the number of reviews was too small and their quality was quite poor, leaving the product far behind in almost all important search terms, especially compared to the competitors. This resulted in a very low exposure of the product, customer distrust and extremely low conversion rates, of 5-7 percent on average.


  • Significantly increasing the number of impressions.
  • Accumulating a massive number of reviews in order to increase the conversion rate.
  • Promote relevant search terms to the first page

The Solution

  • Aggressive re-launching of the product with one on one mentoring by one of Panda’s experts, so as to provide the optimal solution to each of these challenges.


Building a strong framework is a prerequisite for your business. However, without a professional and aggressive product launching that addresses all the pitfalls, your product will have a hard time rising to the top.

Just like a table needs four legs to be stable, so does your business rely on:

Choosing the right product, creating a good listing with all the required components, generating high -quality reviews, and a smart product launching.


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