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Modular Blogger Packages

You choose the type of blogger package best meets your needs, and are immediately assigned to a representative to accompany you! Yes, you heard us right. A representative of ours is going to accompany you throughout the process because we know the meaning of a personal and responsive service.

What makes our service so revolutionary

(And why it would simply skyrocket your sales like never before)

On April 20, 2018, Amazon made a dramatic change in its A-9 algorithm, some would say it was an online earthquake.

The arrows were aimed at reviews and keyword ranking.

Over a short period of time, hundreds of thousands of product reviews were deleted and tens of thousands of sellers were negatively affected by that.

At the same time, Amazon blocked the common keyword promotion methods: Super URL and Coupons giveaways.

Definitely an earthquake.

“Quality rather than quantity, organic and not manipulative”

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The rules of the game have changed.

Today, a new product can be launched even with a single digit number of reviews.

What does that mean??

The algorithm searches for quality content inside the body of the review and gives a particularly high score for visual reviews such as high-quality video reviews and HQ images.

We are here to provide a comprehensive solution for this purpose.

After dozens of A/B testing over hundreds of products together with an accumulated knowledge of sellers and e-commerce experts, we are proud to reveal our winning formula which is updated for June 2018:

Review Blast 2.0

A Revolutionary service which provides an unprecedented solution that will put you at the front row along with the most updated and successful sellers.

So, what do we offer you as part of the“Review Blast” service?

1) Powerful organic Promotion for your keywords by using a unique and revolutionary method developed by our specialists in order to skyrocket your keyword rank.

2) Reviews – We will create for you a comprehensive and genuine solution, no longer a gimmick that has no effect,but an entire shell composed of our unique and powerful blogger community.

3) Professional Insert- a one of a kind tool designed by the best copywriters.

Its main goal is to build your customer community sales force along with a rapid increase in the percentage of organic reviewers (Up to 32% review return rate and even more)

Too good to be true?

Welcome to “Review Blast” 2.0

Payment Structure

  • A payment for the service of reviewing the product, as detailed in the table below.
  • A payment for the product itself.

Let’s see how it actually works

An Example for a Beginner’s plan

  • Listing price for your Amazon product: $10
  • Cost of the service in a Beginner package: $157 for 15 bloggers

Your payment will be composed as described in the Diagram


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Keyword Booster

Level 1 (15 Products)

2 HD Bloggers Reviews 


3 High Quality Bloggers Reviews Guaranteed

Panda's Insert

24/7 Online Support



Keyword Booster

Level 2 (35 Products)

HD Bloggers Reviews 


5 High Quality Bloggers Reviews Guaranteed

Panda’s Insert

24/7 Online Support



Keyword Booster

Level 3 (60 Products)

HD Bloggers Reviews 


10 High Quality Bloggers Reviews Guaranteed

Panda’s Insert

24/7 Online Support



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