How In The World Your Competitors Got Tons Of Verified Reviews & You Stay Behind ?

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Modular Blogger Packages

You choose the type of blogger package best meets your needs, and are immediately assigned to a representative to accompany you! Yes, you heard us right. A representative of ours is going to accompany you throughout the process because we know the meaning of a personal and responsive service.

Why is it reliable?

The payment is carried out in layers of ten. What do we mean by that?

Let us explain exactly what the process entails and what the concept of layers means.

The blogger buys your product and then reviews it. Therefore, the service includes two components:

  • A payment for the service of reviewing the product, as detailed in the table below.
  • A payment for the product itself.

Lets see how it actually works

An Example for a beginner’s plan

  • Listing price for your Amazon product: $9
  • Cost of the service in Beginner package: $97 for 10 bloggers

Your payment will be composed as described in the Diagram

  • Choose Your Package

  • Price

  • Number of bloggers reviewing the product

  • Feedback template

  • Review request template

  • Turning feedback into review template

  • Refund template

  • 24/7 online support



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