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Amazon product reviews mean a lot to sellers. Product reviews can make or break any sellers on Amazon irrespective of how long you’ve been selling on the platform. On the other hand, product reviews are vital to buyers since their buying decisions depend on how others feel about the product. To get more product reviews, one strategy is to use email campaigns.
The campaign involves sending review request emails to your product buyers. If done correctly, the campaign can work wonders, and several sellers use it when you ask them how to increase Amazon Ranking?
Let’s find out how you can do so.

Your subject line matters

You would be amazed that nearly 47% of email recipients decide to open an email or not just by reading the subject line. On the other hand, 69% of email recipients chucked an email into the spam bin, depending on how the sender framed the subject line. Your takeaway is to keep your subject line short while making it catchy and avoiding spam words such as “free,” “gift,” or “win.”

Personalize your email content

We understand that you want to ask your buyers how they felt about your product after buying it. But it is better if you don’t ask them directly and instead create content that asks them about the product – Did the product meet their expectations? How can you improve their shopping experience? Try to focus your emails on your customer’s satisfaction and making them feel valued. Once they feel this way, your one-time buyer will become loyal regulars.

Divide the email contact list

To get the best results on your feedback email, you should send the right emails to the right recipients. One way to do so is to segregate your contact list depending on their order status, shipping info, etc. It will also help you improve your customer satisfaction index while prioritizing each buyer.

Scheduling your email

As an Amazon seller who sells both FBA and FBM products, scheduling your email delivery dates based on the product delivery time will help you in the long run. It is a vital step since it can directly affect the open email rate. According to some researchers, the best time to send your emails to customers is close to 10 am on Tuesday. However, you must remember that the general market practice might or might not be applicable in your case.

Concluding note

When you wish to increase your Amazon reviews and increase your ranking on Amazon, an email feedback system is quite effective. Once you have learned how to launch a new product on Amazon, learning how to automate your feedback emails is a reasonable step to take. As your brand grows and your customer base increases, email automation will help you stick to your promotion strategy while taking the load off your shoulder.