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  • On May 2016, Steve got into Amazon, full of motivation to succeed. For this purpose, he used all of the money he had saved for college while working in the local diner.
  • Unlike his peers, Steve decided not to walk the usual path and started acquiring knowledge in online commerce and finally decided to focus on Amazon FBA.
  • Following in-depth research, Steve selected profitable products and started generating revenues at a very early stage, understanding there’s a way out of the matrix.
  • On January 2017, Steve turned to us as the owner of 5 registered products in the Baby category.
  • Due to a malfunction in the factory ,manufacturing one of his products, negative reviews started piling up at an alarming rate in one of his products, which nearly wiped out the product’s sales completely, and even jeopardized Steve’s seller account.
  • Steve did manage to fix the problem in the factory, but the rate of sales did not return back to what it used to be, which made his brand almost invisible to the a9 algorithm’s eyes.
  • Our task was therefore threefold: Stopping the massive inflow of negative reviews, generating targeted traffic to his sales page in order to get the sales rolling and immediate generation of verified reviews.


  • Taking care of all the negative reviews.
  • Quickly gaining positive reviews.
  • Promoting search term ranking.
  • Regaining customers’ trust.

The Solution

  • The first thing we did was temporarily limiting Steve’s advertising budget to nearly zero, since he was wasting a lot of money. There’s really no point investing in PPC to generate impressions, when the conversion rate is so low, because almost anybody entering the page will eventually exit it without buying- which naturally only makes things worse.
  • We advised Steve to register to Panda accelerator
  • As part of his package, we generated a laser targeted boost of search term promotion, using our blogger service to generate high quality and dominant reviews. In addition, we provided Steve with specific and focused templates to be sent to his customers so as to calm them down and slow/stop the influx of negative results, thereby protecting his seller account from being suspended, and at the same time improving his rating, which obviously should lead to more sales.
  • In addition, we promoted Steve’s product in various blogger platforms, specializing in the Baby category, which naturally led to even more sales and a large number of high-quality reviews.
    Let’s let the numbers speak…


Investing your resources in a smart way, especially when it comes to reviews – is of the utmost importance, not only with respect to the number of reviews, but also to their quality, and generating reviews that build customer trust in both the product and the brand. Increasing the number of sessions alongside gaining updated and high-quality reviews is a prerequisite for systematically generating sales.


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