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Are you an Amazon seller? If you’ve been selling with Amazon, you know how important product reviews are. And it is equally difficult to get reviews for your product. So, how do you get genuine reviews on your beloved product so that you can increase sales?

It is no secret that product reviews play a huge role in driving sales up or down. To help new sellers, Amazon introduced the Amazon Early Reviewer Program. Let’s get into the details.

So, what is Amazon Early Reviewer Program?

Amazon Early Reviewer Program was designed to encourage buyers who bought a product to write a review about it. Sellers can choose the product they want in the program. Amazon then contacts randomly selected buyers of the participating product and asks them to write a review. In exchange for their review, buyers get a $1-3 gift voucher.

This way, the program creates a profitable situation for everyone as:

  • Buyers get gift vouchers for their review which they can collect and spend later
  • Sellers get Amazon reviews for their products

What do I need to know about the program?

Some important bits to know about Amazon Early Reviewer Program:

  • To be a part of the program, a seller can submit one of their product SKUs (stock keeping unit) for promotion by Amazon for reviews.
  • Amazon will charge you $60 per SKU. But a seller won’t be charged until they get one review or it’s over a year, whichever comes first.
  • The product must receive some 1-5 reviews from Amazon’s handpicked reviewers.
  • Amazon selects certain reviewers for the program who have “no history of abusive or dishonest reviews” and meet all “eligibility criteria.”
  • Amazon marks each review with an orange badge, this increases the trust in the product and brand.
  • As mentioned earlier, reviewers get a gift voucher worth $1-3 for their reviews. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 1-star or 5-star rating.

How do I become a part of the Amazon Early Reviewer Program?

To become a part of Amazon Early Reviewer Program, follow these steps:

  • You must enroll your brand in Amazon Brand Registry
  • Create a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) template

To submit your products, you need to upload the eligible SKUs in your template. You can upload up to 100 products at once. All SKUs need to be parent-level or stand-alone.

  • Upload your products.

    When you’re done enrolling your products, upload your template. Once you upload the template, you’re agreeing to Amazon’s terms and conditions and to be charged $60 per SKU enrolled. Amazon will gather reviews for each SKU for a year or until an SKU gets five reviews.

  • Refresh your submission status

    After submission, you can view your submission’s status and the uploaded file in Submission History & Product Enrollment Details.

Amazon Early Reviewer Program is an effective way to get those initial reviews on your products. But if you’re still facing trouble with your business on Amazon, there are a number of effective ways in the market like panda tools. This tool lets you see what’s lacking in your business and correct it.