How to Get an Amazon Choice Badge

Discover the secret to becoming Amazon's favorite with our guide on the Amazon Choice badge. Unveil the power of keywords and learn how this little icon can significantly boost your visibility and sales on the world's largest online marketplace. Ready to become the choice of Amazon? Dive in to find out how.

Posted by Panda Boom Amazon FBA Expert

How to Get an Amazon Choice Badge

Discover the secret to becoming Amazon's favorite with our guide on the Amazon Choice badge. Unveil the power of keywords and learn how this little icon can significantly boost your visibility and sales on the world's largest online marketplace. Ready to become the choice of Amazon? Dive in to find out how.

Posted by Panda Boom Amazon FBA Expert

The Amazon Choice Badge pops up next to products that are the perfect match for what
shoppers are typing into the search bar.

You’ll see this badge making its mark on both category and product detail pages. What’s cool is that this badge is all about the keywords, so your product might rock the Amazon’s Choice title for more than one search term at the same time.

Take, for example, if you’re hunting for a “pepper grinder” or an “electric pepper grinder.” If the badge shows up for both searches, it means those are hot keywords that customers often use.

Plus, the product with the badge usually has a solid Best Sellers Rank (BSR) and a listing filled with relevant, sought-after keywords.

Back when Alexa hit the scene in 2015, more buyers started using voice to shop on Amazon. But, finding the right product through voice search was kind a tricky.

To fix this, Amazon rolled out the Choice Badge later that year. It was a game-changer for making voice shopping easier and faster, helping shoppers find exactly what they wanted without the hassle.

Plus, it made shopping smoother for everyone, boosting customer satisfaction and Amazon’s bottom line.

If you’re eyeing the Amazon’s Choice badge…

If you’re eyeing the Amazon’s Choice badge, a pivotal strategy is to target long-tail keywords methodically.

The approach? Two-fold:
1) Launch an aggressive giveaway campaign, and
2) Execute a precise PPC campaign focusing exclusively on exact match for a relevant long-tail keyword. Concentrate all your efforts on one keyword, pouring most resources into it.
Amazon’s recognition of your focused effort will likely reward you with the badge within 7-10 days. Remember, a singular, dedicated push on a specific keyword is key; Amazon spotting this dedication means the badge is close at hand.

Posted by: Jacob Carter, 7-figure seller

Where can you find the Amazon’s Choice badge?

You can spot the badge either at the top left corner of a product’s picture or right under the product title on its details page. And it’s not just on mobile and desktop; you can find it with voice searches on Alexa too.

It’s a little thing that makes a big difference in navigating the vast Amazon marketplace.

So, let’s break down what ‘Amazon’s Choice’ means, how it works, and how you might get it for your products.

The Benefits of the Amazon Choice Badge

The Amazon Choice badge might look tiny, but it packs a huge punch.
Think of it as a magnet for trust and a spotlight on your product’s cool factor.
The real cherry on top? It ramps up your traffic and sales big time.

Did you know? Products with this badge see about 17% more peeps checking them out, and some studies even show a whopping 25% bump in sales.
Whetheryou’re shopping on your phone or desktop, this badge is like a big thumbs up,telling you you’re making a solid choice.

And for those using voice search with gadgets like Amazon Echo, it makes buying stuff a breeze, which means people are more likely to hit “buy.”

With smart speakers becoming a staple in homes (seriously, two-thirds of US homes have one), and over half rocking an Amazon Echo, the influence of snagging that Amazon Choice badge is only going to get bigger.

Understanding Amazon’s Choice: The What, How, and Why

What’s Amazon’s Choice Anyway?

Amazon’s Choice is a special shout-out Amazon gives to certain products. You’ll see this badge near the product’s title on its page or next to the feature image in search results. It’s Amazon’s way of saying, “Hey, this product is a great match for what you’re searching for.”

The Badge in Detail

When a product sports the Amazon’s Choice badge, it means it’s killing it sales-wise for the keyword you’re using. If a product grabs more than 50% of sales for a keyword, it earns the badge.

No single product leading the pack?
Then, no badge for that keyword.

Amazon’s Choice vs. Best Seller Badge: What’s the Difference?

Amazon’s Choice Badge: The Keyword Champ

What Is It?

Amazon’s Choice is like that friendly neighbor who recommends the perfect restaurant.

How It Works?

When you search for something (like “cozy socks” or “unicorn-shaped stapler”), Amazon’s Choice pops up. It’s like a keyword matchmaker, connecting your search terms with top-rated, well-priced products.

Why It Matters?

It gives you confidence that you’re picking a quality item without diving into a review rabbit hole.

Best Seller Badge: The Sales Rockstar

What’s the Deal?

The Best Seller badge is like the cool kid in school who throws the best parties. It’s all about sales numbers.

Who Gets It?

The product with the most sales in a specific category or subcategory gets this badge. Think of it as the “Top of the Pop Charts” for Amazon products.

How Often?

It’s updated every hour. Yep, Amazon’s keeping score like a pro sports league.

In a Nutshell:

Amazon’s Choice:

Keywords matter. It’s like a savvy matchmaker

Best Seller:

Sales rule. It’s the life of the Amazon party.

So next time you’re shopping, keep an eye out for these badges—they’re like little gold stars for products!

To win the Amazon’s Choice badge, focus on two key strategies…

To win the Amazon’s Choice badge, focus on two key strategies:
1. Use specific, relevant keywords in your product listings. This makes your product more discoverable and shows Amazon it matches customer searches well.
2. Keep your inventory consistently stocked. Amazon favors products that are readily available, as it shows you’re a reliable seller who can meet customer demand efficiently.
These tips are about ensuring your product is relevant and available, making it more likely to earn the badge.

Posted by: Pierce Tapper, 6-figure seller

Getting That Badge

Want the Amazon’s Choice badge?
Here’s how to up your game:

Landing the Amazon Choice badge is like hitting the jackpot for Amazon sellers. It’s like a glowing endorsement right on Amazon’s front page, boosting your product’s rep and, fingers crossed, your sales and profits too.

So, what’s the secret sauce to getting this badge?

First up, your product needs to be a hit with customers. We’re talking top-notch ratings. But it’s not just about being loved; your product also needs to be a star when it comes to the keywords people are actually typing into Amazon’s search bar.

And let’s not forget about making those sales!

A high conversion rate is key, showing that when people click, they’re also whipping out their wallets. Oh, and make sure your product is Prime-ready for that speedy delivery promise.

7 Tips for getting the badge

Optimize Your Listings: Start with finding the right keywords for your product and make sure your listings highlight these.

Boost Your PPC Campaigns: Since Amazon doesn’t differentiate between organic and paid sales, using PPC effectively can help you get closer to the badge.
Kick off with solid keyword research.

How PPC Can Elevate Your Amazon Rankings and BadgePotential?

Go ahead and use those keywords in your PPC(pay-per-click) ads on Amazon. When you do this, you’re basically boosting your chances to pop up near the top when someone searches for those keywords.

This is super key for the new products just hitting the Amazon scene, since they don’t usually rank at the top of search results right off the bat.

Imagine someone’s looking for what you’re selling, stumbles upon your ad, and then buys your product.

That’s Amazon getting a clear signal that your product is a perfect match for that keyword, which can help bump your product up in the search rankings. And here’s the kicker: the more people buy your product after searching for it with a specific keyword, the better your shot at landing that coveted Amazon’s Choice badge.

Leverage Amazon FBA: Using FBA can improve your fulfillment speed and reliability, making your products more appealing, especially to Prime members. This can boost your sales and performance for certain keywords.

Mind Your Reviews and Ratings: I get it, it sounds way easier than it actually is.
But, getting those top-notch reviews should be high on your to-do list as a seller. The best way to rack up reviews ? First off, sell something awesome that customers can’t help but rave about. And then, make your life a bit easier by using Panda Boom’s Review Blast 2.0 tool. And don’t just sit back and watch the stars come in. Keep an eye on what those reviews are saying.
If you spot some not-so-great ratings, dive in to figure out what’s up and how you can make things better. Addressing issues is key to keeping your ratings up and customers happy.

Speedy Shipping: Products that can be shipped quickly and for free, especially with Prime, have a better chance of being chosen.

Fair Pricing: Offering good deals is part of Amazon’s DNA. If your prices are competitive, you’re in a better spot to grab that badge.

Always in Stock: If your product is always out of stock, forget about the badge. Amazon’s all about promoting products that are ready to go when customers are

Bonus tip:

Giveaway campaigns are your fast track to getting that Amazon Choice badge, especially if you target those longer, specific keywords. Big brands and top sellers swear by this.

Not sure how many to give away? It depends on how tough the competition is for that keyword. But usually, giving away 25-35 products should work well for those less common, specific searches.

Interested in trying this out or learning more? Just click here and get ready for some magic.

If you’re juggling whether to stick with FBM or switch to FBA…

If you’re juggling whether to stick with FBM or switch to FBA, here’s a bit of friendly advice: FBA could seriously up your game. Imagine Amazon taking care of all the shipping drama, customer service, and even returns for you. That means more chill time for you to brainstorm and expand your empire. Plus, that Prime badge on your listings? It’s like a magnet for customers, seriously boosting your sales. So, if you’re mulling it over, I’d say give FBA a shot. It’s a game-changer for your biz!

Posted by: David Perkins, Amazon FBA expert

Can a product lose its Amazon’s Choice badge?

Yes, a product can lose its badge if it no longer meets the criteria, such as if its rating drops, it goes out of stock frequently, or if its relevance to the keyword decreases.

Keeping the Crown: How to Hold Onto Your Amazon Choice Badge

So, you’ve snagged the Amazon Choice badge – congrats! Now’s the time to really step up your game to keep that badge shining bright on your listings. Keeping this badge means always being on your A-game, providing top-notch customer service, and staying ahead in the fast-paced world of online selling.

Here’s how you can keep that Amazon Choice badge and keep your sales on the up:

  • Keep an eye on those reviews: Make checking customer feedback part of your daily routine. Quickly sorting out any issues can help keep your ratings up and your reputation solid.
  • Ace your customer service: Be on the ball with customer questions and problems. Quick, helpful responses and going the extra mile with product quality and delivery can really make a difference.
  • Deal with the downers like a pro: Got a bad review? No stress. Respond quickly, keep it respectful, and offer a fix or solution. It shows you care and are willing to make things right.
  • Be smart with your pricing and stock: Stay sharp with your pricing to keep it competitive and make sure you’ve always got enough stock to meet demand.
  • Make your listings pop: Sprinkle in those keywords and write up some detailed descriptions to help your products stand out in Amazon searches.

Holding onto the Amazon Choice badge means putting in the work and staying committed to giving your customers an awesome shopping experience. Stick with these tips, and you’ll not only keep that badge but also keep your customers coming back for more.

Dispelling Amazon’s Choice Criteria: 3 Myths

Myth 1: It’s All About Conversion Rates and Interactions

Many believe that the Amazon’s Choice badge automatically goes to products with the highest conversion rates or most interactions for a specific keyword. Our investigation shows that Amazon’s Choice isn’t solely determined by conversion rates or keyword interactions.

Myth 2: Top Sellers Always Get the Badge

The assumption that top-selling products for a keyword naturally earn the Amazon’s Choice badge is another myth. Data from H10 showed that even the best sellers in a category may not receive the Amazon’s Choice endorsement, challenging the notion that sales volume is the key factor.

Myth 3: The Badge Guarantees Increased Sales

Many sellers and buyers alike think that the Amazon’s Choice badge guarantees a boost in sales. However, a survey with Amazon Prime members revealed a divided audience. Half of the respondents indicated that the badge had no influence on their purchasing decision, prioritizing the product that best meets their needs over the badge’s presence.

This insight reveals that while the badge may guide some customers, it doesn’t universally guarantee increased sales or attract buyers who are focused on specific product features or quality.

Can your Amazon product get more than one Amazon’s Choice badge?

Yep, it totally can! Since the badge is all about keywords, if your product is a hit with several different search terms, you could snag the Amazon’s Choice badge for each of those keywords.

For example, if you’re selling pepper grinder that’s already rocking the badge for one keyword, you might also earn it for another, like “electric pepper grinder,” if your listing nails it in both searches.

Wrapping Up

The Amazon’s Choice badge is more than just a label; it’s a beacon for shoppers navigating the vast Amazon marketplace.

Target the right keywords, finesse your approach, and you might just see your products earn this coveted badge.

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