Optimize your product discoverability instantly
“Only the highest quality listings succeed”
Amazon’s ever-changing algorithm makes it difficult to keep up.
Yesterday’s best practices on copywriting and keywords may not necessarily work today.
Panda Boom understands what’s being evaluated in your Amazon listing, making it a valuable search result to potential clients


So, here’s the big question:

What makes our copywriting so “magical?”
The thing is, we’ve been in the copywriting business for a pretty long time.

Over the years, we’ve come to understand just how much of an influence keyword placement has on organic search results.

With solid research in tow, our experts can use intelligent sales copy (without being overly “salesy”) and incorporate your product’s most relevant keywords.

The Result?
Maximized listing visibility in search results and a massive boost in your on-page conversion rate.
Here’s What We Can Help You With:
Ultimately, if you want to beat the competition, don’t leave it to the amateurs.

Powerful Product Title:

A thoughtfully-created title is a key to getting shoppers to click. Let our copywriters design yours around your best keywords for maximum exposure and conversion rates.

Precise yet Converting Bullet Points:

This is your chance to sum up what makes your product so special, exposing your TOP selling points while optimizing your keyword exposure in organic search results.

Extensive Keyword Report:

Discover the most relevant, high-volume terms related to your specific product. Let our copywriters compile an in-depth keyword report and integrate these top terms into your listing.

Informative Product Description/ A+ content:

A lack of product information can see you losing out on hundreds of sales. Still – you don’t want to overload your prospects. Where’s the middle-ground? That’s what our copywriters are here to help you achieve, delivering all the information your customers want to know. Nothing more, nothing less. Clear and clean = KEY!

Thorough Backend Search Terms:

Unfortunately, we see so many sellers getting these wrong. By partnering with our copywriters, you’ll get through and strategic search term suggestions, preventing backend search term problems before they become problems.
With the right copywriting team, your listing and sales page will stand out from the pack, backed by a winning formula engineered for conversions.

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