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Why Choose Panda Boom?

Opting for Panda Boom means you’re not just getting a
service provider; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to
your success on Amazon.

We provide:

Enhanced Visibility:

Our targeted strategies make sure your products get noticed by more potential customers.

Increased Sales:

Every aspect of your Amazon
presence is fine-tuned to maximize
your profitability

with Knowledge:

Stay informed with the latest strategies
and techniques for success on Amazon,
ensuring you’re always ahead of the

Our approach focuses on three
main objectives:

Aligning Strategies with
Amazon's A-9 Algorithm

Guaranteeing Our Methods Remain Current and
Highly Effective.

We focus on the bottom line

meaning we want you to sell more organically, starting from day one with measurable results. We’re not just another app analyzing another irrelevant piece of data; we are a service dedicated to helping you advance your sales and generate a higher revenue stream

Strengthening your Amazon
store's foundation

All the actions we take are designed to make your business more stable and stronger, so that even after the service ends, the foundations of your business will be robust and will allow you to continue to grow.

Our Core Services

Explore how Panda Boom revolutionizes the
Amazon FBA experience:

01 Review Blast 2.0

Enhance your product’s credibility and visibility with Review Blast 2.0. This service gathers feedback from dedicated bloggers, increasing your product’s appeal and visibility.

Key Benefits:

Builds trust with high-quality,
verified reviews.
Elevates your product in
Amazon’s rankings, making it
easier for customers to find

02 Product Launch 2.0

Make a significant impact with Product Launch 2.0. Our
indexing tool ensures your product shines on Amazon, utilizing
strategies that naturally align with Amazon’s algorithms.


Boosts discoverability
and positions your
product in front of your
ideal audience.

Tailored strategies to
increase the likelihood
of your product
being noticed.

03 PPC Management

Maximize your advertising efficiency with PPC Management.
Our experts optimize your campaigns, delve into keyword
research, and streamline your advertising spend.

Strategic Focus:

Sharpens ad campaigns
to reach your target
market more effectively.

Optimizes advertising
spend, allowing for
more resources to grow
your business.

04 List Optimizer

List Optimizer transforms your product listings, ensuring they capture and convert potential customers with compelling copy and strategic product placem

Conversion Boosting:

Creates listings that grab
attention and encourage
Helps your products stand
out, driving both traffic and

Have Questions
or Need Assistance?

Exploring Our
Promotional Strategy

Unique Practices Behind Our Review Blast 2.0 &
Product Launch 2.0 Services

Launch or relaunch Your Product
with a Bang

Expert-Led Giveaways: Orchestrated to spark real interest and drive sales through well-
timed, full-price product giveaways.

Climb the Ranks & Earn Trust

Strategic Indexing: Elevating your product’s placement in search results to reach your target market more effectively.

Authentic Reviews: Generating a wealth of verified feedback, bolstering credibility and appeal.

Amplify with Our Exclusive Blogger

Community-Driven Promotion: Our blogger network, curated and managed for commitment to your product’s success, extends your reach.

Top-Tier Bloggers: Engaging with influencers who have a significant purchasing history and are esteemed within Amazon communities.

Ensure Authentic Growth & Compliance

Safe, Organic Strategies: With a foundation of over seven years of experience, we guarantee promotion safety and adherence to Amazon’s stringent guidelines.

Amazon TOS Compliance & Safety

All the services we offer comply with Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS), ensuring that
our service is 100% safe and used by thousands of sellers, including some of the largest
storefronts on Amazon since 2015. In this context, it’s important to mention that our
entire team is made up of FBA experts, some of whom were or still are leading and
experienced sellers on Amazon. This means we treat your product as if it were our own.
At no stage is there any risk to your store; safety comes above all else.

Our promotion practices

are systematic and proven effective for both
new and established products.

25-Day Aggressive Giveaway:
Launching New Product in the Home &
Kitchen Category

*Service used: Product Launch 2.0.

70-day campaign:
Full-price distribution, systematic
reviews and ratings boost.

*Service used: Review Blast 2.0.

Key Benefits of Our Unique
Promotion Strategy:

Tailored to Amazon's A9

Emphasizing natural growth

Dramatic Reduction in Ad

Clients of Panda Boom experience an average cost saving of 35%-45% on dvertising. The reason? Our promotion strategy mimics and often outperforms traditional advertising campaigns in fficiency and effectiveness.

Optimal Marketing Budget

Our method eliminates the guesswork associated with PPC and influencer campaigns. Every dollar spent is a targeted investment in your product’s success, ensuring direct and measurable impact on performance from the outset.

Explore Our Range of

Discover our diverse selection of packages, each thoughtfully priced to accommodate
Amazon sellers at every stage of their journey.

From beginners to advanced sellers, and from single-item stores to large brands with
dozens of listings, our affordable pricing structure ensures there’s something for

Review Blast 2.0:

Available for

  • $157
  • $327
  • $547

Designed to enhance your product reviews
organically and improve your Amazon

Product Launch 2.0:

Priced at

  • $397
  • $597
  • $797

Tailored to introduce your products to the
market with a splash, ensuring they get the
attention they deserve.

List Optimizer:

Options at

  • $250
  • $300
  • $350

Focuses on refining your listings for
maximum conversion and visibility.

PPC Management:

Offered at

  • $197

Manages your pay-per-click campaigns
efficiently to reduce costs and increase

Account Management:

Available for

  • $217

Provides comprehensive management of
your Amazon account, freeing you to focus
on other aspects of your business.

Product Photography:

Our custom photography service ensures your products stand out with high-quality images tailored to showcase your items in the best light.

*Pricing is personalized according to the scope of work.

Our packages are designed to grow with you, offering scalable solutions that
match your evolving needs as your business expands. Whether you’re looking to
boost a single product or manage a vast portfolio of items, our services provide the
support you need at prices that make sense for your business.

If you haven't found the exact package
for you, we'd be happy to tailor a
package to suit your needs.

Hear It from the Heroes: Our
Sellers' Triumphs

Our customers say:


4.8 out of 5 based on 1548 reviews

Trustworthy and Effective

Review Blast 2.0 took our product to new heights! The increase in verified reviews not only boosted our credibility but also skyrocketed our rankings on Amazon. Highly recommended!

Sarah D.

Above my expectations

The List Optimizer truly transformed our listings. Their customized strategy and optimization expertise resulted in a significant uplift in our conversion rates, making our products distinguishable in a competitive marketplace. We’re deeply grateful!

Jack R

Product Launch 2.0-
My secret weapon!

Thanks to Product Launch 2.0, our product soared! In just days of utilizing the indexing tool, it gained prime visibility in Amazon search results. It’s truly our secret to success!

Mike P

Outstanding Customer
Support Experience

Working with Panda Boom has been a delight from start to finish! Their customer service team is incredibly responsive and attentive to our needs. They go above and beyond to ensure that we’re satisfied with the results. It’s refreshing to partner with a company that truly values its clients.

Lisa M.

Exceptional Value for

PPC Management exceeded our expectations! Their keyword research and optimization techniques not only reduced our ad spend but also increased our conversion rates significantly. It’s a must-have for any Amazon seller!

Emily G

Professional Support and

Panda Boom sets the bar high when it comes to professionalism and support. From the initial consultation to the ongoing support, their team has been nothing short of outstanding. They guided us through every step of the process, providing valuable insights and expertise. It’s clear that they genuinely care about their clients’ success.

John K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up for your services?


The registration for each of our services is done independently through the website. The checkout process includes payment and a registration form where you will be asked to fill in relevant details regarding your campaign.

Q: What results can I expect?


Due to the distinct attributes of each product, including competition levels, initial states, sales categories, and seasonal demands, predicting uniform outcomes for all campaigns is difficult.

Nonetheless, we guarantee that our strategic efforts will effectively enhance your product’s performance across various vital metrics:

  • a) Conversion rate
  • b) Organic visibility
  • c) Rankings for primary keywords
  • d) Number of sessions.

Our primary goal is to substantially increase your organic sales.

Q: Which payment options are available?


We primarily use PayPal for transactions. However, if you prefer to pay by credit card, PayPal’s checkout system accommodates this option as well. If you encounter any difficulties, please reach out to us via email, and we’ll promptly send you an invoice.

Q: Is it possible to access your client case studies for real-life examples h and learning opportunities?


Absolutely! Dive into our clients’ case studies to glean insights from real-world situations. These studies offer an in-depth view of the strategies we’ve employed and the results attained, giving you a tangible grasp of how we can help you achieve your goals. Click here to discover more.

Q: Who can benefit from your service?


Our service caters directly to Amazon (and Walmart) FBA or FBM sellers looking to elevate their business. Whether you’re just starting out with your first product or you’re an experienced seller or established brand aiming for further growth, our services are tailored to suit your needs at every stage of your journey.

Q: After I register, what comes next?


Upon registration completion, your product will be allocated to a campaign manager and an account manager. We strive to initiate the service within 4-5 business days, frequently even sooner. The giveaway will be scheduled as part of our initial steps, and we pledge to keep you updated throughout the campaign’s duration.

Q: How do I track the results and stay updated on the campaign’s


At Panda Boom, we’re all about transparency and keeping you in the loop. Feel free to reach out to us 24/7 via email or WhatsApp for any questions or updates on your campaign. We’re here to ensure you can easily monitor your campaign’s progress and see the results it’s achieving.

Q: Are there any potential risks associated with using your service?


Absolutely not. Our service is completely safe. With operations since 2015, we boast extensive experience in this field. Many of our team members are former or current Amazon sellers, applying successful practices to their own products. Moreover, our service strictly adheres to Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS), prioritizing the safety of your account above all else.

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