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Do You Want To Know How To Launch A Product On Amazon?

The most effective and perhaps the best way to launch a product on amazon, is to have a focused launch strategy planned. We believe that the launch or re-launch of your product is the most valuable moment during your product’s timeline. A successful launch ensures that you secure a great start to build and grow with confidence, while avoiding costly failed launches.

These are the three key factors we focus on during a product launch:

“Teaching” The Amazon Search Engine:

We take the time to “train” and “explain” to the Amazon search engine what it should expect from your potential customers, and who they are. This increases the number of targeted sessions for your product.

Rolling The Sales Wheel:

We create totally organic sales that are combined with a coupon giveaway. This surpasses Amazon’s “sales wheel” in the most productive and aggressive way possible. The sales buzz generated by this will be detected by the Amazon algorithm and, in turn, Amazon directs more traffic towards you in a near instant way. This process should have a significant impact on your potential keyword ranking, too!

Generation Of Initial Reviews: 

It is our mission to do everything we can to increase the number of reviews and global ratings your product receives. While we are unable to guarantee reviews due to hourly changes within the Amazon algorithm, our clients report a 30% – 40% review return on the organic purchases we make as a part of the launch process.


Our FBA experts launch products for the biggest brands on Amazon. Our team would be happy to elevate you to the big leagues!

Pricing plans

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An Example for a Silver plan

Service fee – $397

Retail price per unit – $10

An Example for a Gold plan

Service fee – $587

Retail price per unit – $10

An Example for a Platinum plan

Service fee – $727

Retail price per unit – $10

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