Tiffany’s Turnaround
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Posted by: Panda Boom

May 2, 2024

01 Client Background

Initial Position:

Product: Dietary supplements

Market Niche: Highly competitive and traffic-heavy

Initial Struggle: Initially, Tiffany faced rising Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS), indicating inefficient ad spending relative to revenue.

02 Challenge: Tackling PPC Campaign Inefficiencies

Previous Strategy:

Managed PPC campaigns with no prior experience or deep knowledge of Amazon’s advertising system, leading to only break-even outcomes and rising ACoS.

Financial Strain:

The financial impact was significant, with the high cost of misguided PPC efforts negating any potential profits.

Strategic Approach:

Understanding PPC Dynamics

Complexity of Amazon PPC:

Recognized the complexity of Amazon PPC, akin to systems like Google, requiring specialized knowledge and continual learning.

Importance of Detail:

Highlighted the necessity for meticulous attention to campaign details, daily
optimizations, and avoiding shortcuts that lead to financial loss.

03 Solution: Expert
Intervention and Optimization

Team Expertise:

Engaged Panda Boom’s team of Amazon FBA experts, each with over 7 years of experience in Amazon PPC.

Action Plan:

Developed and implemented a 30-day action plan, including a detailed analysis of previous campaigns and setting a realistic, shared budget.

ACoS Improvement:

Dramatically improved ACoS through strategic ad placements and refined
targeting, ensuring better utilization of the advertising budget.

04 Results: Achieving
Profitability Through Precision

Immediate Improvement:

Initiated a professional and efficient campaign that showed tangible results within 14 days.


Tiffany’s campaign costs were drastically reduced, and profitability was achieved and maintained, highlighting the efficacy of the strategic approach.


The marked improvement in ACoS was a significant indicator of the campaign’s success, demonstrating effective cost management and targeted advertising.


Key Takeaways from Tiffany’s PPC Success


Utilizing experienced professionals in PPC management can transform a financially draining situation into a profitable one.


Daily monitoring and optimization of PPC campaigns are critical in maintaining cost efficiency and achieving consistent sales.


Having a clear, well-structured plan and budget is essential for navigating
competitive markets effectively.

05 Common Mistakes to Avoid
in Amazon PPC Advertising

Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is a crucial tool for sellers looking to boost visibility and sales on the platform.

However, many sellers make several common mistakes that can lead to inefficiency and increased costs:

Lack of Keyword Research:
One of the most significant mistakes is not spending enough time on keyword research. Sellers often use too broad or irrelevant keywords that drive up costs without targeting potential customers effectively..

Ignoring Negative Keywords:
Failing to use negative keywords allows ads to show up in unrelated searches, wasting budget on clicks that will not convert into sales.

Not Utilizing Different Ad Types:
Amazon offers various ad types, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display. Each type serves different purposes and not using them appropriately can lead to missed opportunities.

Poor Budget Management:
Setting the same daily budget for all campaigns or not adjusting budgets based on performance can result in unspent potential or excessive spending without adequate returns.

Neglecting ACoS:
Not monitoring the Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) can lead to campaigns running at a loss. A profitable ACoS varies per product and must be optimized according to the seller’s margin.
Overlooking Ad Performance Data:
Many sellers do not analyze performance data adequately. Regular review of metrics such as click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and cost per click (CPC) is essential to understand what’s working and what’s not.

Avoiding these common pitfalls requires a strategic approach to PPC on Amazon, focusing on continuous learning, testing, and optimization to ensure maximum return on investment.

06 Variations in Amazon PPC
Across Different Product

Amazon’s PPC landscape varies significantly across categories, affecting how sellers should approach their advertising strategies.

Here are some key differences:

High Competition Categories:

Electronics, Beauty

Higher CPC due to more competitors and potential for high rofits.

Requires more detailed keyword research and competitive bidding.

Low Competition

Books, specific Home Goods

Lower CPC but also potentially lower conversion rates

May benefit from broader keyword strategies and value-focused ads.

Behavioral Differences:

High-end products (e.g.,

Customers often engage in extensive research, necessitating nuanced strategies.

Consumable products (e.g.,
groceries, beauty items):
Often purchased repeatedly, making remarketing and subscription ads effective.

These insights highlight the importance of tailoring PPC strategies to the specific
dynamics of each category to optimize campaign performance.


Tiffany’s journey from a struggling Amazon seller to a profitable entrepreneur underlines the importance of professional PPC management.

With the right expertise and a committed approach to daily optimization and strategic planning, sellers can not only survive but thrive even in highly competitive niches.

This case study serves as a powerful testament to the potential of skilled PPC management to generate significant daily profits while keeping costs under control.

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