Eric’s Journey:
Overcoming Post-
Christmas Stockout
Challenges with
Strategic Sales


Posted by: Panda Boom

April 21, 2024

01 Client Background

Initial Position:

Eric strategically entered the Kitchen & Dining category on Amazon with his Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine. This product was a standout choice due to minimal competition, offering vast potential for significant sales, which Eric indeed achieved.

02 Challenge

Eric encountered a major setback when his Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine ran out of stock from mid-December to early January, a peak shopping time on Amazon.

This stockout not only meant missing out on key sales during this busy period but also impacted his product’s momentum on the platform.

Being out of stock for a long time hurts a product’s performance in several ways. First, it directly leads to lost sales. More importantly, it affects the product’s sales velocity—how quickly a product sells.

Amazon uses this metric to determine a product’s popularity and visibility. A higher sales velocity typically results in better rankings and more visibility on Amazon.

However, when a product is unavailable, its sales velocity drops to zero, causing the product to lose its ranking. This makes it tough to get noticed once the product is back in stock.

Sellers often have to work extra hard, possibly spending more on ads and promotions, to get their product noticed and climbing the rankings again.

For Eric, this meant not just refilling his stock but also finding a way to make his product stand out again in Amazon’s competitive environment. He needed a strong plan to quickly boost his product’s visibility and recover from the sales dip caused by the stockout.

03 Boosting Product Visibility: Our Strategic Approach

Key Assumptions and Method Insights:

Assumption #1:

Enhanced customer interactions and positive reviews directly improve product rankings.

Assumption #2:

A sales pattern that mirrors organic behavior is more likely to be favored by Amazon’s algorithm.

Methodology Insights:

Organic SFB (Search, Find, Buy) Method:

We encourage real buyers to find and purchase the product organically on Amazon, which helps in mimicking natural buyer behavior.

Full-Price Purchase:

This approach maintains the product’s perceived value and aids in its algorithmic ranking.

Expanded Strategy Details:

Mimicking Amazon PPC’s “Exact” Campaign:

Our methodology is intricately designed to replicate the effects of Amazon’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, particularly the “Exact” match type.
In PPC campaigns, using exact match keywords means your ads appear for searches that match the exact phrase or are close variations of that exact phrase.
By mimicking this approach organically, we enhance the product’s search relevancy and visibility without the direct cost of advertising.

Algorithmic Compatibility:

By driving traffic through specific, targeted search behaviors, our strategy aligns closely with the way Amazon’s algorithm evaluates product relevance and customer interest.
This alignment helps in elevating the product’s standing in search results, thereby increasing visibility and sales.

Additional Benefits of AMZ Sales Booster

Review and Rating Gain:
AMZ Sales Booster not only boosts sales but also significantly enhances the acquisition of customer reviews and ratings. Positive feedback from these reviews further solidifies the product’s credibility and appeal to new customers.

Signaling Product Attractiveness:
This influx of reviews and the structured buying process send strong signals to Amazon’s algorithm about the product’s attractiveness. It suggests that the product is popular and valued by consumers, which encourages the algorithm to increase the product’s visibility and promote it more aggressively.

Sustainable Results:
Our approach not only spikes the sales in the short term but also builds a foundation for sustained sales success. Regular organic searches and purchases signal continuous consumer interest to Amazon, keeping the product relevant in its category.

04 Solution

Eric leveraged Panda Boom’s “AMZ Sales Booster” service to implement the SFB method. This strategy helped his product simulate organic search patterns and regain visibility, leveraging both algorithmic favor and genuine customer interest.

05 Results

Eric's strategic use of the service led to impressive outcomes:

Sales Increase:

Sales saw a notable uptick within just 12 days of implementing the strategy.


The product’s ranking improved, making it visible to a larger audience.


The Amazon algorithm began to promote Eric’s product more prominently, recognizing the renewed customer engagement.


Summary of Success:

Quick Recovery:

Eric’s quick action and strategic choice helped his product quickly recover from a sales slump.

Strategic Execution:

Utilizing a method that mimics successful PPC strategies without the cost, Eric achieved a sustainable competitive advantage.

Long-Term Impact:

The strategies employed not only solved the immediate challenge but also positioned Eric’s product for continued success on Amazon.

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of tailored, strategic interventions like Panda Boom’s AMZ Sales Booster in overcoming challenges and driving success in the competitive online marketplace.

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