Choosing a winner product.

Imagine you bet all your money on the wrong horse.

A lot of sellers find it difficult to select a product. They experience at best a delay in generating an income, and at worst end up choosing a product that really hurts their soul, and even more so, their pockets.

The Amazon platform is a very systematic one, and there so no room for bets and jeopardizing your hard earned money, missing out on your opportunity.

Choosing a product is the first, most important step in building your business.

We work according to the strictest criteria. No more watermelon slicer or iPhone cases!

The chosen product will be selected according to strict criteria we have been using successfully for years and will allow you to make the first steps in your business at minimal risk and with maximal chances of success, compared to other sellers.

Choosing a product requires experience, thinking outside the box and a lot of common sense.

We will guide you and teach you how to smell an opportunity and how to avoid pitfalls or trends that could cost you a lot and even jeopardize your business.

The selection of a product requires taking into account many factors, such as the category, the necessary paperwork, the number and quality of competitors, the BSR rating, the number of required reviews, profitability, lead times, availability of suppliers, the potential for differentiation and much more. This is the most important and complex step in building your business!

We will make sure you choose a winning horse, through one on one mentoring, and the usage of custom- made tools used by the best sellers.

Even if you recover somehow from a mistake you did in this step, this will slow your development considerably.

We here at Panda will walk you through this process and will analyze your selection together with you, so as to make sure you made a good decision.

The service will be tailored as per the customer’s needs.

How to get to page one on Amazon 

by FBA Expert | Sep 10, 2021 | Technology

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4 Effective Ways to Improve Sales Rank on Amazon 

by FBA Expert | Sep 10, 2021 | Technology

Amazon ranks determine whether your audience will notice your product or not. No wonder how to get to page 1 on Amazon is among the top searches by Amazon sellers across the globe. When it comes to keywords, Amazon works quite similarly to other search engines. A user…

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