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Amazon is a giant marketplace with hundreds of sellers competing with each other to make profits. The eCommerce website has a long affinity for its customers and is striving each day to offer them the best services. And that has made it even more challenging for small and simple business owners to earn profits. The major factor in doing better than your competitors and getting good sales, are through Amazon reviews.

But how do you get Amazon reviews fast using legit means?

‘Quantity’ is the key!

During online shopping, shoppers rely on other buyer’s reviews about your product before they can buy it themselves. The more reviews you have for your product, the more chances you have that they will buy your product. It automatically creates a good image of your product in their minds that it is safe to use with the best services. There are dozens of blogs and articles online teaching Amazon sellers how to get initial reviews on Amazon. But first, you need to have a great quality product to begin getting any review on Amazon.

Push the sales
Reviews push your sales, and more sales get you more reviews. You may have created a thoughtful product that serves a buyer’s needs; you still have to make efforts to spread the word about it. To get some sales momentum, you need to give your product a little push. You can do so by promoting your product, both online and offline, and use social media.

Use a mailing list to ask customers to leave a review.
One easy method to get more product reviews is to send an after-sales email. It is okay to send emails and request buyers to write a review for your product. But you must ensure that you send the email after an acceptable period following the order.

Search the right keywords
Keywords have always played a crucial role in the ranking of products and websites on the internet. And Amazon is no different. You need a good list of keywords that are relevant to your products so that the Amazon algorithm can rank them. But you don’t have to search for these keywords manually and use an Amazon Keyword Research tool to help you. You can even track the performance of each Amazon keyword you used for your product.

Social media
Businesses and individuals are using social media to create their brands and reach out to their audience. You can use social media to connect with your customers and send out campaigns for them to write about their experiences with your product. Based on these experiences and reviews they share, you can reward them. Your social media can also be helpful to create hype before a new product launch. This way, you can attract new buyers to your new products and push sales for existing products too.

Amazon Review Services for sellers
Getting those initial reviews for their new products is a big hurdle for new Amazon sellers. If a new product doesn’t have reviews, customers will not buy them, and thus, sales will remain low. To help new sellers overcome this hurdle, Amazon designed two programs:
• Amazon Vine, and
• Amazon Early Review

Final thoughts
As an Amazon seller, you get several ways to drive up your sales and get reviews on your products. But the tech-savvy nature of online shopping tends to intimidate some sellers. It doesn’t have to be intimidating, and you can use these tips to get Amazon reviews for your product.