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Wondering how to boost product sales on Amazon? Don’t take product reviews backseat.

A lot of new Amazon sellers don’t realize the importance of reviews. They optimize their product title, use eye-catching images, and write appealing product descriptions, in fact, they follow every rule and guidelines by Amazon, but one major mistake they do is that they forget that reviews are equally important to boost their product sales.

Don’t forget that 90% of consumers read online reviews before buying a product. Positive product reviews improve the trustworthiness of your products and also play a significant role in improving conversion rates. If you’re wondering how to get initial reviews on Amazon, read this blog post till the end.
Tips to Get Initial Reviews on Amazon

Leverage Amazon’s Feedback System

Amazon immediately sends buyers a feedback request email after product delivery. You can tailor this request to your seller central dashboard. However, don’t forget to stick to Amazon’s guidelines. Do not say things like, “If you loved our product, leave us a nice or 5-star review!” Instead, you should ask a buyer to give feedback using the phrase like, “We value your opinion”.

Take Advantage of Amazon Early Reviewer Program

Amazon Early Reviewer Program asks customers who have already purchased a product to give honest feedback about that product in exchange for a gift voucher. This program is designed to help listings or products with no reviews. It can help you get some early reviews which will help your future shoppers.

For the same, you will need to be enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry before you join the Early Reviewer program. As soon as you’re enrolled, you will gain access to the Early Reviewer Program portal in your central dashboard. You can find it under the Advertising tab.

Email Marketing

Amazon does not allow sellers to send their buyers’ messages outside the platform. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t invite your website visitors to give a positive review on Amazon.
You can create an email campaign for it. Keep your message little personal and encourage your visitors to leave a positive review on Amazon if they like your product. You can give them a discount in exchange for a positive review.

Provide a Great Consumer Experience

If you read Amazon reviews, you will find that large numbers of negative reviews involve consumers feeling deceived about a product. Therefore, it is recommended to be honest about what you’re selling. Don’t deceive your customers by providing them inaccurate information about your product. When you provide your buyers with good consumer experience, they will naturally leave positive feedback.

Request Reviews via Social Media and Newsletter
If a lot of people have subscribed to your newsletter or if they like your posts on your Facebook page, there is a good chance that they have already purchased from you, and they can leave positive reviews about your product or service on Amazon. So take advantage of these platforms as well.

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