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Amazon has become an industry leader for eCommerce in the United States. It is investing hundreds of dollars every year to provide better services to its customers. From the start, Amazon has always given high preference to its customers, and it is visible. And small business owners want to profit from Amazon’s growing network. Amazon offers a complete and equal playground for all small business owners to invest and grow their brand through Amazon.

But to make the most, you must know how to improve sales rank on Amazon. An eCommerce website like Amazon is a constantly changing and evolving platform. It brings out new policies and reforms old ones to keep their security, sales, and customer satisfaction high. So, to make profits and stay afloat, an Amazon seller needs to keep up with Amazon and its ever-changing environment and functionality.

Here’s how to improve sales rank on Amazon

Amazon ranks all the products sold on its website through a ranking system called Amazon Sales Rank or Best Sellers Rank. It will give Sales Rank to a product in its respective category, but Amazon can also Sales Rank the effect for several sub-categories too.

Importance of Amazon Sales Rank

An Amazon certified seller needs to keep track of their product’s Sales Rank as it shows them how their product compares against their competitors. The ranking shows how good or bad their product is doing in the market against others.

You can use this information and the product listing with higher Amazon Sales Rank to strategize and improve your product listing. Your product’s Sales Rank also indicates the social acceptance of your work. As a seller, you can use the product Sales Rank and product reviews to monitor your product’s status and improve upon it.

How to improve sales rank on Amazon

Keyword Research
When you desire to improve your product’s Sales Rank, it is helpful to start with some keyword research for your respective product. A thorough Amazon keyword research will help you stay ahead of your competitors who did not bother to spend their time on keyword research

Amazon Ads
Just like Google runs its Google Ads, Amazon has an advertising platform too. You can pay and use Amazon Ads for sponsored products that are on display throughout the Amazon website. Using the paid means to advertise your product on the eCommerce website will give you more visibility and help improve your Sales Rank.

Product description
A good product description is crucial for your product, whether you are selling on your website or Amazon. A good title and product name will attract new customers, and well-thought-out product description will make potential customers stay.

Product images
A good-quality picture is essential: whether it is for your Instagram account or your product on Amazon. Spend some time and money to get professional-quality photos of your product that can attract potential customers to click and read your fantastic product description.

To grow your business and improve your product sales rank, you will have to put in efforts. And you can start by understanding Amazon Sales Rank and how it affects your product. Once you get hold of it, you can work on how to increase Amazon ranking. With time, you’ll observe an improving trend with better sales. If you want professional help, you can get in touch with Panda-Boom, where you’ll find everything on how to improve sales rank on Amazon.