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The online marketplace is huge with some big players in the game. Amazon is the king of the hill with eBay, and Etsy right behind. And sellers want to have their shares of profit from these online market giants. But one thing is for sure: Marketing your products on Amazon is very much different from promoting products on your website. Hence, you need a different strategy if you wish to be a successful seller on Amazon.
Let’s find out how you can do it.

Following the Amazon listing requirements

To feature higher in the Amazon search results and get sales conversion, you need quality Amazon listings. And to create a successful Amazon listing, you must plan your strategy according to the latest Amazon listing requirements. Since Amazon regularly updates their listing requirements and rules, you will have to stay in touch with them. While getting more purchaser reviews is helpful for your product, you can’t do much if you don’t stay within Amazon’s stated guidelines.

Optimizing your Amazon sales script

If someone checks your product page, it is clear that they are interested in what you offer. But if their visit does not convert into a sale, it means you haven’t created a strong bond with them through your product page. So, how do you solve this issue? One way is to address all the objections your prospective buyers have about your product. When you have the complete list, address these objections one-by-one on your product page. The best place to do so is in the question-and-answer section.

Follow your competition

To be a successful seller on Amazon and in general, you should keep an eye on your competition. When you study your competitors, it gives you an insight into what you are missing that is working for them. It allows you to improve your ROI on Amazon and other platforms. Several online tools can assist you in studying your business rivals, and incorporate useful measures in your products.

Sync all your products

It is better to sync your products from your eCommerce website to Amazon and use their fulfillment services. The service allows you to keep a check on your product quantity on all platforms. It also lets you update product specifics and variations much faster than you do manually. You can find third-party service providers online to sync your data between your eCommerce store and Amazon.

Gather feedback from the target audience

Ecommerce store owners like you should test product photos and descriptions on the target audience through polling. There are multiple online polling tools available which enable you to ask respondent that match your target demographics. Once the polling is over, you can study the results and use it to improve your product page

Getting Google involved

While you are selling on Amazon and focusing on improving Amazon sales figures, don’t forget about Google. While Amazon is the largest eCommerce website, Google is still a combination of dominant search tool and marketplace. It overlooks all the websites in existence including Amazon and indexes everything. So, while you prepare a strategy for Amazon, don’t lose touch with traditional SEO methodologies.

Final thoughts

Amazon is a huge marketplace with great revenue prospects. To successfully navigate your way to better sales figures, you need to work with Amazon and its guidelines. You can work to get Amazon reviews so that Amazon algorithms place your product at the top of the search figures.