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Every now and then, we witness the opening of a new e-commerce site. Some do well, and some fade away with time. But, Amazon remains the reigning and undisputed leader in the e-commerce market. With a market share of around 50%, Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce company. Being the most trusted marketplace online, it creates opportunities for sellers to generate high sales. Fierce competition awaits you if you want to sell on Amazon. Here, hard work is essential to face the competition; however, it is the smart work that will allow you to lead the competition.

In this article, we will give you some tips on how to increase sales and get initial reviews on Amazon.

What Should Sellers Do?

No doubt, Amazon sellers and resellers are facing tough competition from the existing and new rivals. Businesses from across the world have realized the importance of Amazon, and are doing every possible thing to make a great first impression with customers.

Therefore, it becomes crucial for sellers to focus on maintaining product quality with a high standard service. To achieve so, businesses spent a big chunk of the time in making effective strategies. Every such plan should consider effective ways to increase the ranking of products on Amazon as it invariably leads to high sales. However, it remains a mystery to understand the Amazon ranking algorithms to stay at the top.

As a seller, what you can do is use useful tools that can improve the rankings of your products, boost your sales, and provide positive reviews. Let’s focus more on reviews this time around.

Importance of Reviews on Amazon

Reviews, especially from a verified Amazon account, can influence online shoppers when they are in the buying process. A 5-star rating or a positive review allows your customers to see at a glance what others think of your product. Even if customers are not exactly looking for your product, positive reviews can help change their minds. Here are a few reasons why Amazon reviews are so critical.

Reviews hugely help customers in their decision making. When they are not sure about a product, they heavily rely upon the reviews as it shows customers’ feedback in the form of a message, photo, and video. According to a survey by Nielson, 70% of shoppers worldwide trust online reviews.

Every online seller dreams of winning the Amazon Buy Box. It is a white box on the right side of the product details page. It allows shoppers to click “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now.” If you want to win the Amazon Buy Box, you must maintain customer satisfaction in the form of positive reviews. It will have not only an impact on the product ranking but also the ROI.

How to Get Initial Reviews on Amazon?

Have you ever thought about how your rivals are getting verified reviews? Well, apart from providing quality products with top-notch services, they use tools like Panda Boom. It is the most-widely used tool to boost Amazon reviews and sales. Reviews act as social proof about the quality of your product. Even if you are not getting reviews, do not go for fake reviews as you may get blacklisted on Amazon. Instead, use Review Blast service from Panda Boom. It not only offers high-quality, real reviews but also helps you boost your conversion rate.


Even if you are selling a high-quality product, a situation may arise when you are not getting reviews. Here you have to act smart and use effective tools like Panda Boom to get authentic reviews. It will not only improve your authority and credibility but also skyrocket your sales.