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Most of the Amazon sellers find it hard to make their products stand out in the largest eCommerce marketplace. The general step that everyone follows is a thorough advertising practice. But to the astonishment of many, investing in Amazon SEO optimization is a useful way ahead. When you effectively optimize your listing, it drives your seller metrics up, brings traffic, and helps you convert your sales.

Amazon is a search engine similar to Google. Let’s find out the best ways to optimize your Amazon product listing using the Amazon listing optimization service.

Amazon Listing Optimization

No Duplicate Content

It is obvious, but you must ensure that all the product content you used on the Amazon must be different from the one you use on your eCommerce website. Some business owners tend to make the mistake of using similar content on their website and Amazon. It is especially true for product description but making this mistake will result in duplicate content problems.

Stick to Image Guidelines

As an Amazon seller, you want to post high-quality pictures and upload more than one image. The general rule is to post at least five to six images. A good set of images allow your customers to view your products from different angles before making a conscious decision. When uploading your product images, make sure you follow all the Amazon’s product image requirements. A good product image can make a huge difference in boosting your product sales.

Product title is crucial

Amazon product title is vital in the same way Google title tags are essential. But unlike Google which gives a character limit of 60 characters, Amazon gives you 500 characters. And while Google recommends keeping the title short, Amazon prefers longer and more detailed titles. The primary idea behind Amazon’s algorithms to keep the title is to cover valid information for customers to make an informed choice. So, the next time you write your product title, make sure to use all of the 500 character lengths at hand.

Bullet-points and description

You may have seen bullet-points in several Amazon product descriptions under the title. The bullet-point is the best place to insert valid keywords and genuinely show off your product. It is right next to the images and below the title. The feature is extremely prominent and many companies confuse it with description and ignore it altogether. The description column appears further down the page when you scroll.

Getting more Amazon Reviews

Reviews are an important way to rank your product higher in Amazon listing and increase your sales. It is a way to ascertain a brand’s credibility on Amazon and influence future buyers. You can use the Amazon follow-up system, ‘Request a Review’ button, and the Vine program to get initial reviews for your product.

Sponsored product feature

Like Google AdSense, Amazon has a sponsored product feature too. It allows you t create ads on Amazon that appears in the list of search results for the keywords you underline. You need to select your keywords and product and enter bids of the amount you want o spend. It will assist you in improving sales rank which in turn will boost organic listings.


Optimizing your Amazon product listing is not that difficult. All you have to do is follow these steps carefully and stick to the good side of Amazon. There are online services available like Panda tools which can help you carry out these steps better while accurately monitoring your page data.