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Your Sales By X3

Reduce Your ACOS
Up To 33% in 60 days

Increase Your
Profit Margin By 1.6X

Want to Harness the Unstoppable Power Of PPC?

Let Panda Boom Show You How

Your Amazon PPC campaigns can be your strongest asset or your greatest weakness; it all
depends on who you work with. Our professional PPC campaign managers know the secrets to the trade, and we aren’t afraid to share them with you.


Because we genuinely believe that you deserve the support and dedication you need to navigate the “black hole” that is Amazon PPC campaigns according to 80% of FBA sellers. Turn your PPC campaigns into a sales-force to be reckoned with, without sending your hard-earned money right into Amazon’s pocket. We’ll calculate your parameters, conduct industry research, and be your guiding hand through the mountains of data.

Minimize Your Ad Spend

By eliminating negative keywords, we can help you simultaneously reduce your ACOS and improve your conversion rate.
How? By focusing our attention on other key parameters like bid amounts, competition, relevance, and match type.

Increase Your Ad Profits

Our team of professional PPC campaign managers are ready to help you optimize and refine your Amazon PPC campaigns to skyrocket your performance, conversion, and online success.

improve your keyword coverage

Not sure how to choose the right keywords? We’re here to help. We use powerful Amazon keyword search tools so that we can provide you with a list of optimized, effective, and visible keywords.

We’re Changing the Game,
One Click at A Time

Our professional PPC management agency is here to help you grow. We’ll grow your sessions, your conversion rates, your organic sales, and your control over your business in no time – all we need from you is your trust and confidence.

Sophisticated PPC keyword searches

Automatic and manual PPC structure planning

Sponsored brands and headline ads

Sponsored brand campaigns

Keyword- and search-term-based campaign set-ups

Amazon PPC campaign management, bid optimization, and daily budgeting

Impeccable team communication with professional PPC campaign managers – get a reply within 48 hours!

30 days of daily professional PPC management

A weekly and monthly report filled with valuable data and information


Give Amazon A Brand to Back

Your success as an online retailer depends on Amazon’s willingness to promote your brand based on your Amazon PPC campaigns.

Amazon’s A-9 algorithm is an incredibly powerful tool that can not only improve your conversion rates, but also grow your business into
an online success

we’ll show you

How to choose the right keywords

How to place the right bids

How to set your daily budget

How to effectively analyze your search term report

How to choose whether or not you need negative keywords

How to use keywords in the most effective way

And more!

We’re PPC heavy-weights because we’ve put in the hard time and effort so that you won’t have to.
Let our dedicated and capable team fight for your space among some of Amazon’s top sellers and
biggest brands. We’re the best of the best, and we’re not afraid to prove it.

With a minimum of four years of experience, each of our professional PPC campaign managers is
well-versed in creating and leveraging brands just like yours. So work with us today!

Why You Can’t Afford Not to Work with Us

Before we tell you why you should work with us, let us tell you why you shouldn’t work alone…
Trying to manage your Amazon PPC campaigns alone comes with endless risks that
you might not be willing to take, including:

o Burning through your ad spend without tangible results

o Wasting your precious time on ineffective campaigns

o Ruining your chances of becoming an Amazon giant

Now, here’s why you should work with a professional

PPC management agency today:

It’s a


It Takes Years of
Work To do It perfectly

What’s the Verdict?

Working with a professional PPC campaign manager isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. You could not only save an incredible amount of money, time, and effort, but you’ll also be adding up to 30% to your daily revenue!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Long Will Tangible Results Take?

A. We guarantee results within a couple of weeksor earlier, depending on your unique needs.

Q. What Kind of PPC Report Will I Receive?

A. We’ll provide you with a weekly or monthly report filled with the actions that we tookthroughout the timeframe

Q. How Long Will You Manage My Amazon PPC Campaigns?

A. Our current package includes 30 days of professional PPC management that you can choose to extend at the end of your subscription.

Q. What Happens When I Subscribe?

A. Here’s what you can expect:
1. We’ll send you an email as confirmation.
2. We’ll set up your PPC campaign within 48 hours by relying on deep keyword search tools.
3. We’ll automatically manage your Amazon PPC campaigns while you either relax with your

extra time,or focus your efforts on the other aspects of your business

Q. Which Key Metrics Do You Consider When Setting Up PPC Campaigns

A. This answer depends on our overall goal for your brand. Everything we do is focusedon helping you reduce your ad spend while simultaneously sky rocketing your returnon investment and organic sales. To lower your ACOS, we take the following metricsinto consideration at a granular level

1: Expensive and Ineffective Negative (or Repetitive) KeywordsWe’ll use our platform to make sure that the keywords you invest in areadding value to your brand

2: Different Keyword Match TypesWe make sure that you choose the right keywords that will help you stayrelevant within your customers’ search queries

3: Default Bid Amounts and Daily BudgetsThese two metrics are absolutely crucial to lowering your ACOS as effectivelyas possible.

4: Listing QualityWe make sure that your listing is optimized at all times

5: ClickThrough RatesThis key indicator is what lets us know that your ads are actually relevant forthe keywords we’ve chosen

Q. How Can I Make Sure My Campaigns Succeed?

A. Make sure that your listings page is optimized at all times

Q. How Do I Get Started?

A. Simply grant us access to manage your ads. Clickhereto learn more.

Q. In Which Markets Do You Operate?

A. We operate in the U.S., CA, and UK markets.

Q. Who Sets My PPC Budget?

A. Your dedicated PPC campaign manager is responsible for setting your daily budget,while you’ll have to approve it.

Q. How Do I Communicate with My Professional PPC Manager?

A. Reach out to us at Please include your ASIN, andyour dedicated campaign manager will get back to you with a comprehensivereport within 24 hours

Q. What Will My PPC Results Be After 30 Days?

A. Your ACOS will decrease, while your conversion rate, sessions, and organic salesskyrocket

Q. How Many ASINS Can Be Managed in A Single Campaign?

A. Each campaign is used for one ASIN. However, we do have custom solutionsavailablesimply reach out to us for more.

Q. Do You Provide Full Account Management?

A. Yes, we do. For more information about our full management services, please reachout to us at for a comprehensive quot

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