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When you sell on Amazon, the reviews your product gets play a significant role in your sales figures. Amateur and veteran FBA sellers have a lot to see when they grow their business through Amazon. These sellers are aware that if they want to stay ahead of their competition, they have to work smartly with Amazon and effectively use their tools. But getting genuine reviews is a tedious task and could affect initial sales.

So, what’s the way out? How do you get Amazon Reviews? The question itself is intertwined with how to boost product sales on Amazon.
Let’s take a look at how you can get Amazon reviews. These tips will help novice sellers like you to help accrue positive product recognition while improving Amazon sales.

The following tips were developed for use outside Amazon. Third-party sellers can benefit from these strategies to gain positive product reviews.

List of emails

You’ll have to discover new ways to reach out to your customers. You must remember that if customers are buying your product through Amazon, they are technically not your customers. To resolve this issue, you have to create your brand outside the Amazon boundaries. One way to do so is to create a list of emails of your customers. You can do so in several ways, and one of them is to make a file through your social media to get in touch with your audience. Content is king! And you can create your content or blogs and then add a small message at the end, asking the readers to subscribe to your newsletters. You can also include product inserts in your existing products that spur people to enroll in your list.

Use a third-party automated email responder.

When you work with Amazon, it provides you an internal automated responder to stay connected with your customers. But you can use your third-party email responder as well. Through such responders, you can send emails over Amazon’s seller messaging system. To keep in mind, Amazon is quickly regulating the number and kind of messages a seller can send through their Seller Messaging system.

Product inserts

Product inserts in your current product are an excellent way to boost people to review your Amazon products. Many sellers sometimes attach a card with their product, politely asking them to review the product they bought. Concurrently, Amazon noticed that some sellers use unethical ways to contact buyers and break company guidelines. So, whatever you do, ensure that you use only the best product insert practices.

Promotional market and new product launch

Many Amazon sellers launch their products on Amazon promotional markets. These marketplaces offer several promotional discounts to shoppers, compelling them to give a positive review for the following sellers. But you must keep in mind that these sites do not give out free products to buyers in return for a positive review. So you shouldn’t expect a helpful review from a heavily discounted product.


You can check out the Amazon review program and follow these steps alongside to improve the odds of getting product reviews. But it would help if you did everything under Amazon’s guidelines. Amazon is stringent when it comes to its review program, so it won’t take long before it decides to throw you out if you do anything unethical.