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All online sellers want to know how to get more sales on Amazon. That said, getting more sales on Amazon requires a different approach than the ones you’d use on your website.

The primary reason behind this is that as a marketplace, Amazon houses millions of sellers. The competition is demanding, to say the least. So, to get more sales, you need to amp up your Amazon game to the next level.

As the world’s most popular online marketplace, Amazon gives sellers a huge platform to showcase their products. And yet, many sellers struggle to get noticed. On the contrary, some sellers have fantastic visibility and enjoy immense footfall.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new seller or an established one; everyone wants to grow and improve revenues with more sales.

With that fact in mind, here are the top tips on how to get more sales on Amazon:

Start with the Basics

The first step to getting more sales on Amazon starts with the basic steps: the price, the title, reviews, everything matters. These elements also help you improve your Amazon ranking.

How to increase Amazon ranking?

Start off with optimizing your title according to Amazon’s search algorithm. Your product title must include the brand name, product’s name, image, and features.

The key lies in creating a title that offers value to customers right from the word go. Customers love to shop with sellers who put them first.

When it comes to images, make sure you use HD-quality images and optimize them for the web before uploading them on Amazon. High-quality images do not blur when customers zoom in on them, which is vital for a good customer experience.

Choose PPC

Amazon PPC is a paid feature that allows you to advertise your product to your audience. Suppose you plan to sell custom design wallets for men on Amazon. You can choose to get advertised for keywords like “wallets for men,” “ men designer wallets,” “designer wallets for men,” and “custom men wallets.” It’s a great way to increase your visibility on Amazon.

This way, if a user types any of the keywords mentioned above in the Amazon search box, your ad will be shown to the customer. This increases your chances of increasing your sales at a nominal cost. Amazon PPC, when done right, brings you a fantastic ROI.

Reviews, Reviews, and Reviews

More than 80% of Amazon customers have mentioned that they always look at user reviews before making the purchase decision. And that’s because reviews help customers know the experience of the previous buyers. With a myriad of sellers selling the same product, reviews are the guiding words that keep other customers from falling prey to a wrong seller.

Use personalized inserts, send custom emails, use the “Request Review” button on Amazon to prompt customers for a review.

Don’t indulge in review malpractices, or your Amazon seller account might get banned.


Amazon is a great place for sellers to launch their business and start selling. Moreover, Amazon also offers excellent opportunities to grow your business. You simply need to identify the opportunity and tap it the right way. The three tips mentioned above work wonders for all Amazon sellers interested in learning how to get more sales on Amazon.