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Man is a social animal who relies on other people’s experience before jumping in. The same goes for buying stuff or eating at a particular restaurant. You want to hear what others have to say before you make your decision. And that’s why reviews on Amazon are so critical. You want satisfied customers to leave reviews about your product to establish your brand. It’s like American business author Michael LeBoeuf once said, “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

And Amazon makes sure every customer is satisfied; that’s why consumers love them so much. There is no other place where people can find real testimonials and complaints about a product. But why are Amazon reviews so crucial for FBA sellers?

1. Amazon protects the honesty of reviews.

From the beginning, Amazon has worked to maintain stringent policies to protect the genuineness of reviews. Even research has shown that Amazon’s algorithm that ranks products in search results uses ratings and product reviews to do so.
Amazon banned all sponsored reviews long ago, and they are continually working to maintain the quality of products and reviews. They even released a statement saying that any seller found manipulating ratings or using sponsored or fake reviews will be banned from Amazon.

2. Customers trust Amazon

Amazon has always been open about its obsession for customers. It designs every new deal, scheme, offer, streaming service keeping in mind the customers. And this obsession has paid the eCommerce website handsomely. There are currently 112 million Americans subscribed to its Prime loyalty program. And these Prime members hold nearly 65% of all Amazon shoppers share in the US. For the customers, it means Amazon is constantly improving their shopping experience with newer reviews.

3. Reviews are a potent means of market data.

An Amazon seller, whether new or old, needs to do his research to understand which of his products will sell. And this is a challenging task. To help them out, sellers rely on tracking reviews on Amazon. They use Amazon review analysis tool to understand the reviews of a new product. The data collected from this research can help a seller grasps what a customer wants and what are his needs before launching a new product. If you get Amazon reviews on your product, you can easily improvise on bettering your sales.

4. Amazon differentiates between product review and seller feedback.

You must have heard the saying, “You can’t please everyone!” The same goes for selling products on Amazon. Even though a product is a clear representation of a brand, it is impossible to satisfy every customer. Every person has his/her taste, different sizes and set of unreasonable expectations. And it will sometimes lead to harsh reviews.

To save sellers, Amazon differentiates between product review and seller feedback. When a customer leaves a negative review of the item, it will have a comparatively softer impact than negative feedback. Because of these two different platforms to share opinions, sellers can protect their brand reputation.
Parting thoughts

Amazon reviews are of extreme importance for sellers. And if you wish to sell well, start tracking reviews from today. When you combine review tracking with Amazon listing optimization service, you can boost your product sales. If you wish to enhance your brand presence on Amazon, get in touch with us at Panda Boom today.