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  • Most of us are familiar with the popular phrase “time equals money”.  Well, let’s understand why those who believe in this sentence, underestimate the importance of their time.
  • Just think about it, money comes and goes, while time runs out. Our time is the most important resource available to us.
  • I remember myself providing customer service, sending messages in a timely manner so as not to exceed the requirements.
  • Dealing with customers who are nicer and less nice … Respond to product reviews, questions, feedbacks, let alone the valuable time I spent with seller central that does not always answer (yes it happens to everyone).
    I was burning a lot of hours and energy.
  • I forgot just one thing – time to develop and invest in my business.
  • And one more thing… time for myself, and most important, time for my family
  • Your obsession with total control limits you to a very narrow vision of your business which will eventually lead to mediocre results at best and in most cases –  shutting off your business.

Friends, Amazon is not a business for amateurs, dozens of hardworking people turn to us daily, sometimes in tears, with a business on a verge of collapse because they did not understand the importance of running a lateral business. A chronicle of a failure foretold

  • Do you really think that Amazon’s key players are going after customers who have left them a 1-star product review?
  • Do you think that the leading players in your niche are taking their time to answer every single feedback/Email etc…?
The obvious answer is – Of course not.

They understand the importance of fluent English, short response time, speaking “Amazonian” language and knowing the TOS.  Above all , they understand that the return is ten times greater than the monthly investment in account management.

Are you a cashier or a business manager?


This diagnosis is very important in every aspect of the business.Imagine that you have an account manager who went through a comprehensive training and is available for your needs 24/7.
On one hand, gives you time to manage your business and on the other, pushing your product forward together with you.

If I was only exposed to this tool at the beginning of my Amazon career, my life would have been so much easier.

This is the best investment you’ll make in your business.

A very powerful & sophisticated tool available here and now.

So, what would “account manager” actually do for you?

  • Respond to emails quickly.
  • Address bad reviews and take action to remove them
  • Respond to product reviews on your Amazon listing page.
  •  Provide REAL customer service – the employee is focused solely on customer service

The time has come for you to think like a manager, make a real move to promote your business and the financial freedom you have always dreamed of.

Try us and figure out yourself.

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