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Are you wondering how to improve Amazon sales? If you have this question in mind, you are not alone. The Amazon platform is basically a buyer-based search engine. It means the products shown in the relevant listing can be purchased easily. Amazon offers various areas for sellers to let them add content such as bullet points, product photos, headline, back-end fields and enhanced brand content. To maximize your conversion and transform your visitors into customers, you need to work together in these areas regularly. If you want that maximum visitors to come to you and buy products from you, it is important to optimize your listing so that you can increase your conversion rates.

What is Amazon Listing Optimization?

Amazon Product listing optimization is a keyword exposure form for your product descriptions, bullet points as well as titles. At Panda Boom, we use SEO policies according to Amazon standards to ensure that the products not only rank high, but you get more sales.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization Guidelines
If you want to rank higher, Amazon product listing optimization is one of the most effective ways that add keywords in the descriptions and titles of the products. We make sure that keywords position in the right way in order to promote and rank organic research. Below are the Amazon Product listing optimization guidelines, you should know.

Product Title Optimization

On Amazon, you can add 250 characters for the main title. At Panda Boom, we ensure to make the title, easily understandable, keyword-rich and precise. When searching for products, we ensure to add relevant words that customers are seeking.

Product Description Optimization

Without a keyword-rich description, Amazon Product Listing Optimization is incomplete. Our product description is as long as 2000 characters. In these characters, we try to elaborate as much as we can, bringing valuable content to the customers. We keep language easy to read and short, making sure our product description provides value to the users.

Optimize keywords
We know and understand how Amazon’s algorithm works. So, we never use repeat keywords unless they are not the need for an hour. We use unique keywords that help you rank higher. We also use Adword tools for Amazon to understand which keywords your products need.

Listing Images Optimization

At Panda Boom, we also help you to optimize products images according to the Amazon guidelines. We ensure that the image has no logos and watermarks and can be clicked on the white background. The images are at least 1000px wide and 500px in height, offering clear zooming. Image optimization is one of the most effective ways that help in increasing conversion rates and attract more visitors.


If you are looking for the best ways on how to improve Amazon sales, then Amazon listing optimization by Panda Boom is the right service for you. It describes the process of listing optimization in order to improve your product ranking and sales on In case you want to get Amazon listing Optimization service, get in touch with us today. You can call us on +1 321-240-6711.